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Friday, November 4, 2022

Democrat Candidate Lies! Are You Surprised?

How do you know a Democrat is lying? His mouth is moving.

Democrat Washington State house candidate, Clyde Shavers, hopes to unseat the Republican next week. His bio includes graduating from the Naval Academy claiming he was a submarine officer and also that he is an attorney. These our lies. How do we know? He's been outed by his dad. Read that again. HE'S BEEN OUTED BY HIS DAD. He was never a sub officer, has disdain for the military, and hates the uniform he wore. But, hey! It's politics. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to win. He also is not an attorney! He graduated with a law degree but has not passed the bar. But, hey! He plans to take the exam next year and maybe he'll pass it then.

Shavers claims his dad's letter is all about politics. Not his behavior or his lies, of course. He can explain it all away. Dad, however, is a former marine and police officer who says he and his wife want to set the record straight. Integrity is, after all, important to some people. And it's good to know that, unlike some political parents, the truth is important to the Shavers. May God reward them for their honesty and integrity.

And here's what may be the most cynical part of this story. Even Cyde's selection of a district is based on lies. Well, there are lots of other Democrats who've done the same thing, so no big deal. After all, the end justifies the means, and who needs to really live in the district they represent? (Maxine Waters wouldn't be caught dead in her poverty stricken, crime-ridden district! Instead she lives in a four million dollar mansion in a tony region of L.A. with a minuscule number of blacks.)  

Check out this bit from the letter Clyde Shavers' dad wrote:
Clyde’s ties to Whidbey Island, or even to any county in Washington outside of King County are zero. The only relation to LD10 is that we have driven Clyde through LD10 on occasion when he was growing up. Prior to announcing his candidacy for LD10, Clyde had determined that LD10 was a district that he could win, and he would run there. At that time, I explicitly told him that he has nothing to with that area and should run where he grew up. But according to Clyde, the Democrat Party in Washington and residents of Whidbey Island wanted him there to “flip it blue”. That is the reason he chose LD10. 

I have seen the claims that Clyde’s residence is in question, that he lives in a Bed and Breakfast. This is true. Clyde has told us that he rents a room in a Bed and Breakfast. This is his only tie to Whidbey Island and LD10. He has never worked or lived there. He pointedly said to us that he picked Whidbey Island because he can win, fully believes that he will, and that he eventually will be the youngest President of the United States. Clyde does own a condo in Kirkland. He does not, nor ever lived there, but he owns it. Read the complete letter here. It's sad.

Mothers don't let your children grow up to be Democrats! Or lying neo-con Republicans. Raise them to be truth-tellers and people who value integrity.