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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

  • Do you ever feel like you’re on a speeding roller coaster? Life is filled with ups and downs, but it goes by incredibly fast. It’s hard to believe people will trade a few fleeting thrills here for an eternity of joy with Our Loving Lord.
  • We put up our outside nativity. With all the Christmas commercial stuff out, we decided to start stressing the real reason for the season early.
  • Thanksgiving is a great holiday to remember all the people in our lives who’ve blessed us. How about sending thank you notes to a few of them. My only problem will be choosing a few from so many.
  • Goodness! Advent begins on Sunday. Think I’ll choose one give up and one positive add on. Have you thought about it yet?


  1. I have thought about my Advent
    “ little Lent” and plan to do a fast similar to the Lenten one. Giving up my daily glass of wine which I enjoy greatly, will be the hardest part😏

  2. Try Bailey's instead, Cynthia. I'm kidding, good for you. Bailey's is delicious and I consider it a grace of God I didn't know about it as a teenager.
    Life today is incredibly fast paced. And it's not even fun and fast paced, it's pretty awful and fast paced. We have to work now to find the joy and be grateful while the world dissolves into pretty much insanity. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. For Advent usually renew total consecration to Mary of St. Louis De Montfort. 1st week throw off the spirit of the world; 2nd week knowledge of self; 3rd week knowledge of Mary; 4th week knowledge of Jesus Christ. Usually I begin around 21 NOV (Presentation of the BVM) since not usually exactly 4 weeks of advent.