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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Day at the Gay Parade Celebrating Sodomy

If you’ve never been to a gay pride parade, then let’s go! Pretend we’re on our magic carpet [or Al-Borak] and we’ve landed in Orlando's Lake Eola Park smack in the middle of the crowd celebrating sodomy on this bright sunny Florida day.

First we see the swan boats in Lake Eola. Even they celebrate sodomy.

Next we meet a man with red balloons on his back. Not knowing the meaning of the message he is trying to convey, we Google “man with balloons on his back” (or something) and get the Urban Dictionary with a somewhat odd description of balloon sex.

Some people mill around in their underwear. I’m not quick enough with the camera to snap a young boy about 12 years old in his jockey shorts walking by with an adult male also in his jockey shorts. We assume they represent NAMBLA – the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Nevertheless I do get a picture of a man and woman in their underwear marching in the sodomite parade.

After seeing the man and boy in their underwear we spy an Orlando city policeman idly leaning against a lamppost. Walking over we innocently ask if the city is enforcing obscenity laws, and he answers, “No. Not today.” Sodomites get a pass on parade day.

Continuing along we meet a brave street preacher, the only person present telling homosexuals the Word of God. 

For his efforts, a teen aged girl moons him because the Word of God is too much for her seemingly bovine brain to absorb. While frothily screaming, she pulls down her pants, and wriggles her bare bottom back and forth, shining and sparkly in the sun for everyone to see. I fumble for the camera, but once again am not fast enough to capture this astonishing scene.

We help the street preacher for a while protect his amplifier since people harass him by picking it up and moving it so that his voice cannot be heard.

Then rambling along before the parade, we walk by a bean bag toss for children to play.

Eventually we pass by the Disney sponsored KidZone.

Finally we arrive at our destination – a great spot to stand on the street waiting to watch the parade. Meanwhile directly across the street I spy 2 sodomites with 2 baby boys whom I assume they have adopted. I look at them as they look at me taking pictures of them. 

Suddenly one of the sodomites hands his one little baby boy to the other sodomite, then he turns around and moons me! He did not pull down his pants though, thank goodness, or else I could never post this picture.

We look around at the waiting crowd and see many children brought to the parade by their 2 lesbian mothers, 2 sodomite fathers...

...or by clueless heterosexual parents, obviously liberals, indoctrinating their innocent children by introducing them to the world of sodomy.

Even the elderly are subjected to celebrating sodomy. I wonder what she's thinking?

Suddenly we see the parade as it turns the corner marching down the crowded street toward us!


     We see Planned Parenthood, 

and parade sponsors,

and political parties representing their candidates who support sodomy (all Democrats),







vulgar sexual 



There are various displays of sodomy with half naked men simulating sterile sex on floats...

...and women riding floats or prancing in the parade pretending to masturbate in front of children watching with their parents.

Transvestite men dress as Catholic nuns to mock and ridicule the Catholic Church which is a focus of the homosexual movement’s hatred. 

Across the street we notice St George Antiochian Orthodox Church with Jesus at the very top looking over the crowd watching as laughing Orlando citizens cheer and clap for floats passing by with their scenes of sexual displays as if these behaviors represent healthy moral choices. The Orlando Police give it all a pass with the blessing of Democratic Party candidates Hillary Clinton, Alan Grayson and Linda Stewart represented by signs and marchers in this incredibly creepy parade.

                                                                         (See Jesus here below, sorrowfully watching.)

Immediately inside the open doors of St George Orthodox Church women sit at a table collecting signatures in support of same-sex marriage. They make the street preacher, who had originally stood in front of the church thinking it was safe territory, move down the sidewalk because they do not want sodomites thinking that he represents their church's opinion.

Finally the parade is over and as we walk back to the car we meet exhausted but exhilarated parade participants sitting on a wall.

While driving home we ponder what we just witnessed and know, although praying against it, that that night all the people we saw will continue celebrating sodomy. It isn’t their eyes, but their sexual behaviors that are the windows of their souls.


Mary's Child Mariann said...

I wouldn't have made it past "some people mill around in their underwear..." How sad.

Anonymous said...

'The Orthodox Church believes that homosexual behavior is a sin."

Susan Matthiesen said...

The church mentioned and pictured in the post is Antiochian Orthodox. I have no idea what they teach but this I do know. The women INSIDE the open church door sitting at the table INSIDE the church were pro-same sex marriage and collecting signatures. They chased the street preacher down the sidewalk since he was speaking against homosexuality and they did not want the crowd to think that he represented their church. That's what I saw with my own eyes. I should have taken a picture of the women inside the church along with the papers with signatures.

Anonymous said...

Jesus warned us it would be worse than Sodom and Gommorrah and it is sure looking that way. When asked what Jesus meant concerning this statement, St John Crysostom answered, "Because even many of His Ministers would become perverted."

Anonymous said...

I think pride is a freak show..but then I avoid straight people acting like fools such as New Orleans Vegas St. Pat Parades..or Church potluck so..especially those. And I'm sure they appreciate the term Sodomite and your general air of condescension (so why did you go there?) But all that could be a little harmless par for the course afternoon for a Church Lady..the parade participants are exhibitionist (surprise!) but taking pictures of observers and their monkeys in a zoo? Where I come from that's rude..and yes trashier then walking in underwear as they were good certainly aren't that are you? Would you like to have the tables turned on you.."Look at that crazy old broad going into Walmart or the PigglyWiggly..lets take a picture of her and her grandkids as we snicker in our self congratulatory manner"You really need to look within yourself first.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

A little defensive aren't we? I've been called a "cow" and other worse names by your confreres on the web defending their perversions who don't like what I write. Many normal people (I use that word deliberately) have no idea what the gay agenda involves including the whips and handcuffs. This post is a reality check for the nice Church ladies who have been duped into thinking they need to "tolerate" this sick behavior. Congrats to Susan for having the courage to expose the rot and urge people to pray for these poor, deluded souls who are in danger of hell. I'm praying for you right now as I write this. You can call it condescending, but it's an act of charity. "Love those who hate you." The greatest love is to fast and pray for those in a headlong race to hell.

Anonymous said...

First of all I didn't call you a cow or any names.( I was raised better then "Sue" apparently) I said how would you like ifsomeone did the same to you, especially if you had kids with you As you say criticizing bad rude behavior is not's an act of love.This Susan seems off her rocker and you are hosting her yes rude and trashy behavior. What charity was involved in this may I ask?Did you turn anyone's minds or were preaching to the choir and appealing to the prurient interests of your audience..acting shocked and appalled and superior all the while eating it all up! If you were honest about it as in you just like to make fun of others you feel beneath you for the one sin you don't commit..(others sins always seem more vile then ours) I would have more respect for you. This post is missing the one thing you boast it

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I re-read the post. Susan did nothing but report on a public exhibition of nudity and obscene behavior. She didn't "make fun," she described the behavior. If you interpret that as "making fun" of the behavior, it's because of the ridiculousness of the behavior itself.

You, on the other hand, made mocking statements about "Church ladies." But I'm not going to quibble with you. Charity involves telling the truth about immorality to save people from hell. Those doing these things and promoting them are in serious danger. I urge everyone reading this to pray and sacrifice for them. And, yes, that is a real act of charity. Your promotion of silence as charity is misguided at best, enabling at worst. I suspect you are defending your own behavior with your comments either because you are among the group or are an enabler of a family member or friend. In either case, you are like the enabler who gives an addict his next hit.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Hmmm...I just bought a new camera...for the NEXT sodomite pride parade! It takes excellent pictures, plus movies. I can hardly wait to use it!! (and will post even more pictures from the next sodomite parade) I mean really, if these people wouldn't be parading around in their underwear and mooning people, masturbating in public and trying to tell heterosexuals that sodomy is, well, normal, I wouldn't have to waste a day taking pictures of their evil behavior to educate the naive unsuspecting public that sodomy is not about love, but rather hatred, addiction, lust and impurity. In other words, it's about evil. Get a grip on morality!

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, but lots of heterosexuals practice anal and oral sex (the definition of sodomy). It's not unique to homosexuality, so you may be better off just using the words "gay sex" to describe that which you find so horrid. My grandma (God bless her!) told all of her 7 daughters that some "sodomy" can be a blessing in a marriage to space the kiddos out. What grosses you out is the fact that it's two men and that they are public about it. I agree with you that sex should be private and that these people are just trying to draw attention to themselves. But I don't think they speak for the general homosexual community any more than you speak for all Catholics. Signed, a married, heterosexual catholic mother of many.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, I hate to break it to you, Anonymous, but your grandma was counseling mortal sin. I'll offer my rosary for her tonight in atonement for her advising her seven daughters to use sodomy as a form of contraception. I hope you'll join me. It certainly is no blessing to use an immoral means to "space the kiddos out."

I prefer the advice St. Louis' mother gave him -- that she would rather see him dead at her feet than ever to commit a mortal sin.

Susan and I are both well aware that heterosexuals lie, cheat, steal, and practice sexual immorality. We all need the gift of grace to repent. Not sure what your point was.