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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Umm...Who Exactly is Hateful and Intolerant? Protesters Get Assaulted by the Liberal Luv Duo.

Hurrah and two thumbs up for these culture warriors! Watch the video of the Mass Resistance protest in California below. Things heat up when two bigoted, hate-filled liberals attack the legal, free speech rights of the protesters who believe Target's bathroom/dressing room policy endangers women and children.

Note the inability of these young women to engage in an intellectual discussion. This could have been a courteous and intelligent Socratic dialogue, but these foul-mouthed young women appear incapable of anything but a personal obscene-filled verbal attack. No doubt they learned this in tolerance 101 or maybe at the Gay-Straight Alliance meeting in their public schools.

They no doubt left the protest to go to their safe zone and suck their thumbs.

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