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Monday, May 9, 2016

Target: Where Women and Girls Really Are -- the target that is"

Women, when you walk through these doors that big
red target is on you. Enter at your own risk.
Note the two incidents of peeping Toms linked below happened BEFORE Target became a proud enabler of abuse.

Man arrested for filming underage girl in Target dressing room (Huntersville, NC)

And another in Pennsylvania

There are plenty of incidents at other brand stores as well. This indicates, of course, that stores like Target know about the danger to their customers of men entering the female dressing areas. So how sensible is it to make it even easier for peepers and abusers to have access to young women? And it's already happening as this latest incident shows.

Man records juvenile female in Frisco, TX Super Target

Target's policy is an open invitation to every pedophile and pervert that they can enter areas formerly restricted to women. No one will stop them. Just watch for a quiet time when few people are around and wait in the bathroom or dressing area for a victim.

Target is now an official panderer. They might as well put up a sign reading: "Looking for young girls for your porn videos? Welcome to our dressing rooms and bathrooms. No interference, no questions asked." Target Management.

Obviously no policy can completely prevent perverts from doing what they do. However, a policy that makes it easy and offers free access is stupid and dangerous. Now when a sales person sees a man going into the women's dressing room what will she do? Nothing, because that would be "transphobic."

I see a lawsuit in Target's future. I just hope it's not over a dead girl's body.

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c matt said...

It's one thing to be unable to prevent every unfortunate occurrence, but it is something entirely different to promote a policy that ENCOURAGES those things to occur.

It will be interesting to see the same-store-sales data for Q2 (which I believe is May-June-July) compared to last year.