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Monday, May 23, 2016

So How Does Having a Bullseye on Your Stock Sheet Feel, TARGET?

Target's new company logo: the empty shopping cart!
TARGET CEO Says Boycott No Problemo; $10B Loss Tells Another Story
"Since we launched the Boycott Target Pledge April 21, over 1.26 million people have signed on. Another interesting fact, Target has remained silent on Facebook and Twitter. The most recent post on Target’s Facebook page came April 23, and their Twitter has only had one tweet since April 19. 
"According to Breitbart News 'Target's stock has fallen 20 percent - from $84 per share to $67 per share - since it imposed the pro-transgender policy on its customer base of families. That loss has chopped roughly $10 billion from the overall shareholder value of the company, according to a chart produced by'"
I imagine WalMart is celebrating. They must be picking up some of those million plus shoppers.

Join the boycott.  It's about more than Target's insane policy. It's a shot across the bow of immoral corporate America, businesses that care more about promoting immorality than about the families who shop in their stores. Let them drink Starbucks; I sure won't. Know the businesses you frequent. If they support Planned Parenthood, transgender insanity, etc. ditch them! Eat at Chik-fil-A and buy your craft items at Hobby Lobby. Don't feed the snakes!


Anonymous said...

From California,

I just closed my Target account that I have had for fifteen years and cut up the card. Good riddance!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Good for you. Why not send that cut up card to the president of Target! What a message if tens of thousands of customers did that!

c matt said...

Last week we bought a $200 stand mixer. Normally would have bought it at Targay. Bought it at Walmart instead.