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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dad Proposes to Mom on New Baby's Onesie: Better Late...

My initial reaction was to shake my head.
But then I thought about how the truth and wonder of new creation invited this father to take seriously his responsibilities to his little daughter and her mother. Children, even before they can talk are missionaries in the family. The new baby, particularly after Baptism, is an incredible source of light and grace. The child teaches commitment, care, responsibility and absolute love. Think of how a nursing baby looks up into the eyes of Mommy with complete trust and worship. Mom and Dad are the child's first experience of love and the little one calls forth love from his parents. (Yes, I still use the generic "he". It includes both sexes.)

I'm praying for this couple today and all those confused young people who have listened to the siren song of a lost culture. This story reminds me that truth calls to the heart. Whether this dad thought about it consciously, there had to be a sense that it is better for all three of them that the relationship between him and his daughter's mother be certified and public to provide a more stable and protected environment.

Let's join together right now in praying for this little family and all the families in the world including our own.

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