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Monday, May 2, 2016

Target Stock Down 5% Since They Began Endangering Women and Children with Bathroom Policy!

Target did what? Flush 'em down the loo!
Good riddance. 

What? You haven't signed the boycott pledge? What are you waiting for. Go here and sign. You know that red's on our children. Any pedophile can walk into the women's bathroom now claiming to be transgendered. How many women and children will be endangered by this ridiculous policy? Target deserves to go bankrupt. And if we don't act now, how many other liberal companies will imitate the insane corporate executives at Target?

Target says they want everyone to feel comfortable. How about women and children? I sure wouldn't be comfortable if a man came into the bathroom while I was using it. No way, Target. You're flushed!

Check out some of these cases of women and children attacked in the ladies room by sexual perverts.


Anonymous said...

From California,

I not only signed it, but I called my local store and told them I am not going to their store and why. I am not going to use their card for purchasing anything outside their store either. I will go one time to pay my final bill unless they change their policy, which I doubt they will do.

The smaller stores here all have locking, one stall restrooms, but that can be inconvenient if everyone has to use them. Therefore, I believe people will shop less all the way around.

Big government and big corporations just love to ruin our economy with their polices. Well, we need less of their junk, or can buy on line, especially from states that use common sense policies.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Target's stock has not varied much at all in the last few months.

I shopped at Target today and there was no change to their bathrooms. The women's room has stalls and my son reported the mens room had two urinals and three stalls. I've lived all over the world and the US is one of the few places that has sex-segregated bathrooms. Most large cities in Europe (Paris, Munich, Berlin, Geneva) have unisex bathrooms with an attendant. Clean, well-stocked, and nobody pays attention to what anyone else is doing. In South America where I lived, it was a good bathroom if it had running water! No gender assignments there, either. This is a mountain out of a molehill. Where is the outrage against fraternities who "welcome" freshman girls with inappropriate signs on their houses? How about the outrage against the polygamous groups in the west that raise young women as essential sex slaves? How about getting involved in stopping human trafficking (a huge problem on the North/South interstate corridor where I live)? A man who thinks he is a woman or a woman who thinks she is a man using the stall (with a door, and a latch) next to me or my kids is not my concern at all.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Anon. 7:44, what kind of argument is it to say, "where is the outrage" about (fill in the blank). Does not fighting every evil on the planet mean a person can't fight ONE? That is a straw man argument that is often used by liberals. I used to get it all the time when I was sidewalk counseling outside abortion mills. "What are you doing about this? What are you doing about that?" Let me ask you, "What are you doing about these other evils you mention?"

Did you go to the link I had to all the cases of women and children attacked by pedophiles and perverts in bathrooms and women's prisons, etc.? The fact that you were never personally attacked in a bathroom is great. Good for you. Tell that to those who HAVE BEEN ATTACKED. Whether transgendered individuals are a threat or not, opening the bathroom to men means any pervert can claim to be transgendered and troll the rest rooms for his next victim.

Anonymous said...

From California,

Anonymous today at 7:44p.m. does not mention that there are probably women getting assaulted and children kidnapped in those other countries, too, as I am sure they are. Recently, in a city next to mine a man was already arrested for hanging around the women's bathroom and trying to assault a woman.

Anonymous writes about sex trafficking and says he/she cares, but recently a little three-year-old boy was taken away from his mother in a Target store in my state when the father had left the mother and child and gone down another isle to get something. Luckily, the mother screamed and ran after them and got her son back. She was of Asian descent, and so was the kidnapper. Just think how much easier it would be to do that in a restroom if the mother has several children.