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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The War on Children: Get to Know the Global Perverts -- Planned Parenthood, USAID, and UNFPA

It would be better to have a millstone hung round your neck and
be cast into the sea than to scandalize one of these little ones.
Go to Mercator.Net to watch a documentary about the war on children by Planned Parenthood, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.N. Population Fund (previously known as the U.N. Fund for Population Activities), and other groups promoting the sexualization of children. These sex abusers infiltrate schools, health organizations, government programs, and even churches all over the world. Parents, YOU must be the gatekeepers protecting your children! Early sexual experimentation hurts children! The younger they are, the more they are traumatized and the earlier they engage in risky behavior that can damage them  physically emotionally and spiritually. Don't let it happen to your children!

The sexual rights campaign aims at children practically from birth. What motivates these perverts? Some are engaged in self-justification because of their own immoral lifestyles. Some make incredible amounts of money from sexualizing children who then become clients for their birth control and abortion services. Some are grooming children for early sex. These perverts are in classrooms all over the world teaching sexual experimentation to children hardly more than babies. They show children pornographic pictures as well as teach them how to masturbate, put condoms on model sex organs, and introduce them to perverted practices.

Many parents are all in favor of comprehensive sex education without having the foggiest notion of the perversion involved and the broader agenda promoting abortion, contraception, homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, etc. -- not to mention, the deliberate attempt to usurp the role of parents so their children will have the "correct" progressive values. These programs are without a doubt in your schools and some begin as early as kindergarten.

Think about that. Do you agree that teaching little children who can't even read how to masturbate is okay? These evil programs have been going on for decades. I was fighting sex ed in Fairfax County back in the 1970s. Those scandalized children are grandparents now. Is it any wonder our culture has gone insane.

You can help expose this evil by signing the petition to the U.N. and by sharing this information with others. But don't stop there. Find out what is going on at your local school. What are YOUR children learning at school besides the three R's? Are any of the materials from the video being shown in your child's school? Are they promoting "diversity" with children's books that promote homosexuality and transgender behavior? Ignorance is not bliss. Let's all fight for the children! Our future depends on it.

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