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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good Questions from Family Research Council on Obama's Vision for the Country

It's the same one envisioned by Karx Marx!

All Health Breaks Loose
"What kind of country forces Marines to scavenge parts to keep their planes flying, but has no problem paying for newparts for the gender-confused? Yours! Welcome to the sick world of the Obama administration, where taxpayer-funded sex changes are just the latest example of a presidency completely off the rails."
Let's face it, folks. Obama's policies include destroying the U.S. military and he's succeeding as retired Army Major General Robert Dees told  a Values Voter Summit last fall.

The U.S.: a nation of donkeys?
Everything Obama says falls within the strategy and guidelines of those who want a weaker/emasculated, dumbed-down America. In fact, Obama's policies are consistent with Marx's goals in The Communist Manifesto. Read the two part series on Marx's ten-point platform to see how energetic and consistent this traitor-president is to achieve a Marxist makeover of the U.S. Especially note the tenth point on the takeover of the schools making them institutions of indoctrination. It's on-going with the bathroom fiasco just the latest assault joining Common Core, invasion of family privacy, and other insanities. Unfortunately, the dumbing down has already been so successful that much of the Millennial generation think like donkies, i.e., only respond to either the carrot or the stick. Educate your own families or prepare for the Brave New World of the atheistic socialists.

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  1. I'd just like to point out that Family Research Council was one of those lamebrained organizations who got us into Obamacare by pushing the Stupak amendment (restricting abortions in Obamacare), thereby giving Congressmen a "permission" to vote for the bill, as long as it was amended for abortion. This was stupid because there were obviously going to be so many other noxious sequelae of Obamacare - it was important to hold the line against the whole package, but FRC and other "prolife" organizations (eg USCCB) did not. So it's a little bit late to be finding out about the other problems, like totalitarianism, that happen when you play the compromise game.