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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Muhammad's Night Journey to the Jewish Temple Mount

Part 1 – Muhammad’s Night Journey to the Jewish Temple Mount

Muhammad's Flight Plan
Twelve years after Muhammad became a prophet he said that he was physically transported through the sky 775 miles from Mecca to Jerusalem and back again in one night on his winged steed, Al-Borak. [Likewise, when I was a child, I believed that there was a man with a beard who could travel right around the world in one night on a sleigh pulled by magic reindeer.]

This particular story of Muhammad’s Night Journey (Lailat-al-Miraj) is taken from The Life of Mohamet written in 1697 by Humphrey Prideaux and reprinted in 1808. Undeniably the older a book written about Islam the more clear the information since it would have been written closer in time to actual events and during an era when no political correctness existed. This book was typeset in old English therefore the following is “translated” into more readable English for ease of understanding.

Santa's Flight Plan
Humphrey Prideaux begins, “To this period [twelve years after Muhammad became a prophet] when visions of a journey northward flitted before his imagination belongs the story of the celebrated Night Journey (Lailat-al-Miraj) of the prophet from Mecca to Jerusalem, on the winged steed Al-Borak and thence by a ladder of light above the seven heavens to the very presence of God, whom ‘he saw by the Lote Tree, beyond which there is no passing’ (Sura Liii, 13,14).

“The people were calling on him for miracles to prove his mission, and he being able to work none, solved the matter by inventing the story of his journey to heaven. The Night Journey is believed by all that profess the Mahometan religion as a main article of their faith, and as such set down in all the books of their authentic traditions. How absurd forever it be, therefore my design is to give as full an account as I can of this man’s imposture which obliges me to relate it.

“At night as Muhammad lay in his bed with his best beloved wife Ayesha [nine years old], he heard a knocking at his door. Upon arising, he found there the angel Gabriel with seventy pair of wings expanded from his sides, whiter than snow, and clearer than crystal, and the beast Al Borak standing by him, which they say is the beast on which the prophets used to ride when they were carried from one place to another upon the execution of a divine plan. Muhammad describes it to be a beautiful faced winged creature, a beast who had two wings on his thighs which lent strength to his legs. He was white as milk, smaller than a mule but bigger than a donkey and of such extraordinary swiftness that his passing from one place to another was as quick as lightning; from hence it is that he had the name of Al Borak, a word signifying lightning in the Arab tongue.

“As soon as Muhammad appeared at the door, the angel Gabriel kindly embraced him. With a sweet and pleasing expression he greeted him in the name of God, and told him that he was sent to bring him to God (Allah) in heaven, where he should see strange mysteries, which were not lawful to be seen by any other man, and then bid him to get upon Al Borak. 

“However Al Borak, having lain long idle from the time of Christ until Muhammad - there having been no prophet in all that interval to employ him - had grown so restive and skittish that he would not stand still for Muhammad to get up upon him. Eventually Muhammad was forced to bribe Al Borak to behave by promising him a place in paradise. After the promise of paradise, Al Borak quieted down and let Muhammed on his back and with the angel Gabriel leading the way with the bridle of the beast in his hand, Al Borak carried Muhammad through the sky from Mecca to Jerusalem in the twinkling of an eye.

There was not a single mosque in Jerusalem when 
Muhammed said he made his Night Journey to "the 
farthest mosque".
When the three arrived in Jerusalem all the departed prophets and saints appeared at the gate of the temple [the Jewish Temple Mount] to greet Muhammad, and from there they joined him in the chief oratory, asked him to pray for them, then left. Immediately after, Muhammad and the angel Gabriel went out of the temple and found a ladder of light ready for them to use to ascend their way up to Heaven. Meanwhile Al Borak was left on the Temple Mount tied to a rock until their return." be continued with Part II - Muhammad's Ascent to the Seven Heavens


Anonymous said...

"Robert Spencer is only really controversial because he is a vocal critic of radical Islam. He doesn’t say anything hateful. He’s factual. Spencer’s speeches and writings frequently cite the Koran and the teachings of Islamic leaders. If you want to know what radical Islamists advocate, look to their book. Makes sense to me."

Anonymous said...

From Califoria,

There never were any witnesses to any of the supposed meetings between Muhammed and the supposed Archangel Gabriel. Muhammed seemed to "convince" people by terrorizing them if they would not accept what he said as truth, as he did the pagan caravans. On the other hand both Judaism and Christianity require at least two or more witnesses to any miracle, along with an investigation in most cases.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Anonymous, Muhammad's Night Journey and his winged steed IS in the Koran. Obviously Moslems believe this since the Dome of the Rock is built on the Jewish Temple Mount and revered as the place where Muhammad supposedly landed on his supposed trip from Mecca to Jerusalem. Also, the place where his steed, Al-Borak, was tied to a rock is a sacred place for Islam on the Temple Mount. Even though I in no way believe that Muhammad was physically transferred through the night sky on the back of Al-Borak, Muslims do believe it.

Anonymous from California is correct in that Muhammad terrorized people into believing whatever he said was true...even riding a mythical creature in the sky. They had to believe it or else! Does Islam promote myths as truth? The post was only Part I. Wait until part 5 for observations and conclusions.

Anonymous said...

From California,

Susan Matthiesen, this type of terrorizing seems also to be what this administration is trying to do in pushing gender identity confusion. They are trying to get us to believe men are women and vice versa. One Catholic commenter wrote that he read the Muslim persecution and the gender identity crisis seem to be two horses of the Apocalypse

Owais Ihsan said...

we all know Elbert Einstein as he has proved the theory E=mc² in year 1905 , Energy and mass are the same. According to scientific folklore, Albert Einstein formulated this equation in 1905 and, in a single blow, explained how energy can be released in stars and nuclear explosions. Remember all that is only possible in SPEED OF LIGHT .

Before 1400 years ago Prophet Muhammad (pbuh ) is explaining his journey using the SPEED OF LIGHT and ENERGY (ROOH)was bowled from god to his chest (MASS) .How those things are relative .

If you read in Quran (The Holy Book Of Muslims )its mention the time was stopped on earth .

Now Elbart einstine is calculating how can we go back in time or to go in future how is time travel is possible .It is only possible if we travel in space with speed of light .