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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oklahoma Legislature Votes to Make Abortion a Felony; Guv Vetoes!

If you're against abortion, raise your hand!
Doctors are supposed to save lives, not kill.
(Source) Unfortunately, the supposedly pro-life governor, Mary Fallin said it was too vague and not the right bill and vetoed it. Let's pray the legislature can muster the votes to override her veto.

This has me singing Oklahoma for the legislature and Wash that Guv Right Out of My Hair for the governor! Her statement that the best way to overturn Roe is the Supreme Court has me shaking my head. Let's face it, we need a state by state rebellion against the overreach of the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court.
It's time to just say now to federalist tyranny. We are currently ruled by a tyrant and an oligarchy both of whom usurp the legislative function. Checks and balances no longer work because our elected officials on Capitol Hill care about nothing but winning the next election and how much money they can get from the lobbyists including Planned Parenthood, the pill and abortion drug industry, and the gays. They let the President unconstitutionally make laws through executive order and declare wars. They cave in every time there is a budget conflict and do nothing to rein in excessive spending that is drowning us in debt.

The states are the last bastion if they will start refusing to be bribed by the federal dollars stolen from the taxpayers. Thank God for North Carolina! Pray for Oklahoma and every state working to end the abomination of child-killing (not to mention men in women's bathrooms). It's time for a few brave men and women to say, "The Emperor has no clothes!"

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