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Thursday, May 26, 2016

It’s in your DNA, Stupid!

It’s in your DNA, Stupid!  These are "going to jail" words, so don't say them. Instead here's the first lesson on how not to be taken to jail:  

                       Transgenderspeak 101: Correct Pronoun Use

A transgender man who used to be a woman must be referred to as “he”.
A transgender woman who used to be a man must be referred to as “she”.
A 6 year old girl who used to be a 52 year old man must be referred to as “little girl”.
A transgender boy who used to be a girl must be referred to as “he”.
A transgender girl who used to be a boy must be referred to as “she”.
Leo Soell, neither male nor female, is a "they"

And this woman must be referred to 
as “they” because she's neither 
male nor female.

So now here they are (Leo Soell) in this video to teach us transgender-speak. It’s very simple, really. Out of respect, just ask the transgender person what he, she, or they would like to be called and he, she or they will simply tell us. Then accordingly, we must comply with his, her or their wishes or be sued for harassment and bullying for intentionally using an incorrect pronoun.

Here’s the entire story of Leo Soell, the woman in the above photo and video, who describes herself as transmasculine and who sued and won $60,000 for non-transgender teachers not calling her “them” because she is neither male nor female but rather, well, “they”. For instance, here’s a sentence from the article for our first important lesson in Transgenderspeak 101 - Correct Pronoun Use.

"Since then, Soell said no teachers have called them 'she' or 'Miss Soell.' "

Note that them in the sentence refers to the transgender person Soell. They are not to be called she or he but are to be referred to as them.

Practice example: We see the non-gendered transmasculine Soell getting up from the teacher’s desk and going out to the car belonging to Soell. How do we correctly describe this scene in transgender-speak?

Answer: They arose from their desk and walked to the car belonging to them.

See how easy that is? By using they, their and them altogether in one sentence we achieve the goal of not getting sued or going to jail for breaking the law by being rude.

As much as we'd like to shout that people are either male or female because "It's in your DNA, Stupid!", we should rather remind these people like St Therese said, "...that life is but an instant escaping swiftly away...and we have nothing but today." And they'd best be living their remaining todays in a better way by thinking of eternity - because eternity is a long long time.

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c matt said...

I think I will take Dr. Seuss's approach and just call them Thing One and Thing Two.