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Thursday, May 26, 2016

This One Liturgical Practice Would Make a Huge Difference in Reverence...

Shepherds lead the flock to heaven's door ad orientem.
...and it would be celebrating Mass in the ordinary form as it was ALWAYS meant to be!

Vatican liturgy chief urges priests to celebrate Mass facing east
"In an interview with the French Catholic magazine Famille Chr├ętienne, Cardinal Robert Sarah said that the Second Vatican Council did not require priests to celebrate Mass facing the people. 
"This way of celebrating Mass, he said, was 'a possibility, but not an obligation'.
Readers and listeners should face each other during the Liturgy of the Word, he said. 
“'But as soon as we reach the moment when one addresses God – from the Offertory onwards – it is essential that the priest and faithful look together towards the east. This corresponds exactly to what the Council Fathers wanted.'”
Let me repeat that: Facing liturgical East with the flock following the shepherd to our Heavenly Father was the intention of the Fathers of Vatican II. Let's stop listening to the liturgy-wreckers who turned the Mass into a performance with a showman priest entertaining the audience.

And read about what's happening in dioceses around the country where bishops are returning to ad orientem worship. Here's how Bishop Edward Slattery of Tulsa describes it:
"Bishop Slattery believes authentic participation is not facilitated by the priest facing the people at these times, because then the priest becomes the central focus: 'The metaphor I use to describe this is of a door. The only time you notice a door is when it’s locked. Otherwise, you don’t even think of the door, because the purpose of an unlocked door is to lead you from one place to another.' 
“'The priest is supposed to lead the people in Christ to the Father,” the bishop added, “yet when the priest faces the people, he becomes a locked — rather than an open — door. Instead of thinking about Christ going to the Father, the faithful are thinking about the personality of the priest.'" (Source)
Why not copy these articles and give them to your pastor. I'm going to.


Michele said...

I was very pleased to read this. This simple change in physical orientation has a profound effect on me the spiritual orientation of the Mass -(for years I used to close or lower my eyes from the offatory to Holy Communion and imagine the priest facing east). I know God will guide us back to more correct worship and it is very heartening to see this process gatheting speed.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm giving my pastor some articles about Cardinal Sarah's statement tomorrow. Then I'm going to pray like mad that he actually does it.

Anonymous said...

From California,

I go to the approved Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Mass)in my area whenever I can because the priest faces East, and the accentuation is on the worship of God -- not each other. It drives me nuts when the congregation claps for everything anyone does in the Church as I was brought up that we should do it for God, not applause.

After all, it was Our Lord who said to do good deeds in secret, and He would reward us. That does not mean that we cannot go up quietly after Mass or elsewhere and tell someone what a good job they did, but even when we are complimented, we should thank God for making it possible.

Anonymous said...

From California,

There is another thing that I notice that is not done at most of the post Vatican II Masses and that adds to our reverence for the Lord. That is staying to pray after Mass to thank the Lord for coming to us in Holy Communion and into our Souls. At some churches hardly anyone stays to pray, not even for a few minutes. The traditional priests recommend that we stay for at least ten minutes in gratitude. One suggests praying for our enemies and thanking God for our crosses, too.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Re the clapping, I completely agree and never do it. We went to two confirmations last week of grandchildren and both bishops invited the congregation to clap for the Confirmandi. Can't they invite us to show our love and appreciation for their making this important commitment to the faith by kneeling and saying the Memorare or the prayer to the Holy Spirit?

John said...

Dear Mary Ann,
It's probably too late this year, but an idea for next year's run-up to Corpus Christi. Could you run a list of parishes in the Northern VA - DC area that do Corpus Christi processions?
Or if anyone knows of any, please post.
Thank you.