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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Headlines from the "Gender" Wars

50 Families Sue Over Illinois High School’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

These are just a handful of current articles illustrating the insanity of the latest tweak to the LGBQT insanity code -- all-gender bathrooms, locker rooms, and even sleeping arrangements. As I was reflecting at Mass this morning on how we got to this point, where the world seems utterly insane, I recalled the quote:
"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."
Of course, it all makes perfect sense when one looks at it from the pinnacle where the demon-god, Satan, took Jesus to tempt Him. He really is the prince of the world, the father of lies, and the lord of the flies. He hates mankind and has from the first because God gave to a creature of flesh and blood the capacity to "become like God" through Baptism and the Eucharist. And so he wishes to destroy us in the most degrading ways possible, ways that allow him to shake his fist at God. "See these ridiculous creatures You made! They belong to me, not You!"

Satan can't stand that God made us in His image and likeness, so he snickers and convinces some of us that the image God created is all wrong. I can almost hear the demon say with a smirk, "He formed you a man? That was a mistake, you are really a woman in the wrong body. So mutilate the image God created to be who you really are, the slimy little creature of the dung heap." But he doesn't stop there. He goes on, "And remember who freed you from the false image. Follow me and I will make you king of the dung hill."

The latest insanity is the news that Bruce (aka Caitlyn) Jenner will appear nude on the cover of Sports Illustrated with his Olympic gold medal and an American flag. What's the message -- that being transgender is as normal as apple pie and oh-so-all-American? I confess, the first things that came to mind when I heard this were two old advertisements -- one for hair dye -- "Does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure;" and the E.F. Hutton ad -- "Inquiring minds want to know." I imagine plenty of curious people will be asking whether Sports Illustrated will resolve the question of whether Jenner has gone under the knife. Personally, I don't even want to go there.

For those of us who are tired of having gender ideology shoved down our throats every time we scan the headlines, I have just one thing to say. Never play the game! Of course, we need to treat everyone with respect, but that doesn't include buying into their particular delusion. I only do that in one place: the Alzheimer's wing of the nursing home. When I walk through the door I enter Alzheimer's World where the patients live in their own time and place. When I talk to Don, a former church organist whose performance at the piano thrills my heart, I know he will tell me tales of his family as if they are happening today. I ask about his parents whom I know are long dead and he describes his vacation plans. It is all very real to him, but nobody at the home is handing him the car keys.

Unlike my friend Don, those engaged in the make-believe world of gender ideology, expect everyone around to celebrate their delusion. Like the boy-playing-girl at the Illinois high school described above, they are "crushed" even when they are offered individual accommodations because it means the school, the company, etc. doesn't really accept their pretend reality.

Unfortunately, many do. And in doing so they actually hurt these poor disturbed individuals. It isn't a new body they need. Nothing will change the fact that their cells are filled with  XY or XX chromosomes. They need to put on Christ. No bodily mutilation or hormones or fancy dresses or tuxedoes will give them what they want, because our hearts are restless until they rest in God.

Let's pray for all those experiencing sexual confusion. Nothing can change them into the opposite sex and pretending that it can will never give them the peace that surpasses understanding. Only God can do that. Our Lady, Queen of peace, pray for us. And please clobber the demon of lust and confusion who is turning our world into a madhouse.


Old Bob said...

Thanks very kindly, Mary Ann. All this fuss is indeed the work of Satan.
Rather than "I'm me, a creature of God," it's "I'm me, whoever I want to be."
Pride is indeed the most capital of the capital sins.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You nailed it, Bob! Thanks. Today begins the novena to the Holy Spirit. I'm praying that God will shower His Holy Spirit on all these poor, deluded souls who are so much in danger. And I'll also be praying for all my faithful readers like you. :)