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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Birthday Present for Donald Trump from a Crazed Liberal?

In President Trump's honor I am going to the Battle of Front Royal once again and taking birthday cupcakes and a Happy Birthday banner. After we pray the rosary we will sing Happy Birthday to the President.

As I was writing the paragraph above I heard about the shooting in Alexandria that deliberately targeted Republicans. Kind and loving liberals will try to absolve themselves of responsibility for inciting violence, something they've been doing since the minute Donald Trump won the nomination.

Think of the recent reporting about Kathy Griffin and her bloody decapitated Trump mask. Consider the reporting on the simulated assassination of Trump as Julius Caesar in Central Park with the standing ovation of cheering liberals. Likely the shooter is deranged, but probably thinks of himself as a hero of the left saving "democracy" from the evil monstrous "maniac" Donald Trump. A teacher at the Battle of Front Royal carries a sign calling Trump a "dangerous maniac."

Keep in mind that the shooter asked who was practicing for the Congressional baseball game, Republicans or Democrats. When he learned it was Republicans he opened fire with what's being reported as an M4, an assault weapon used by U.S. Army troops. The Daily Mail, a U.K. newspaper, reported it was a "targeted attack" and the gunman planned to kill as many Republicans as possible.

Thank God no one was killed and the heroic Capitol Police took quick action. Five were injured including the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, who was shot in the hip and is in surgery. All are expected to recover, no thanks to liberals who incite violence on conservatives all over our beloved country. Pray for their conversion.

I'm curious whether this was a "Happy Birthday" message to the president.


Steve Cherry said...

I hope that "teacher" keeps her political views to herself at school.

Good group today. Good singing. Good seeing all the young kids. I'll get the photos to you probably tomorrow.

Mary Fran

susan said...

Mary Ann, I've been gone for a little while and have missed what the "Battle for Front Royal" is.....If it's something ongoing against leftist idiocy I'd like to participate....I live near DC but will drive out a time or two to stand in the breach. Could you provide more info?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

A group of liberal Democrats (That's redundant!) come out to the gazebo in downtown Front Royal every Wednesday from noon to one to attack Trump and the GOP and call for his impeachment. They've been doing it for several months. We heard about it about three weeks ago so now we go down and stand on the opposite side of the street with posters that read "Pray for our President" or or Pray for our Country and we say the rosary and a prayer to the Holy Face. Today, since it was flag day we sang patriotic songs. Afterwards some of us go over to Spelunkers for lunch. They have great frozen custard!

I'll be there every Wednesday. Today I had plenty of cupcakes so I crossed the street and offered them to the opposition. Cupcakes and a big smile. Add that to the prayer -- gotta be a winner.

mMISSY SMITH said...