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Monday, June 5, 2017

Time for Islamophobia: It's about self-preservation, stupid!

Terrorism, Islam, and Immigration
Willaim Kilpatrick is totally on target with his article. Here's the beginning:
Whenever a new terrorist attack is reported, I’m reminded of that LifeLock commercial about a bank robbery. After a group of masked robbers smash into the bank, the uniformed officer on duty explains to frightened customers that he’s not a security guard, only a security monitor. He notifies people if there’s a robbery, but he doesn’t do anything to stop it. 
Over in Europe, people are beginning to understand that their local and federal governments aren’t going to do anything about the terrorist problem. Oh, sure, the authorities will investigate the latest attack, identify the perpetrator, and, if they’re lucky, break up the cell to which he belonged. But on the most basic level, nothing changes, nothing is ever done.
What are the basics that are being ignored? 
Well, in the first place, it would be helpful to recognize that these acts of terror are committed by Muslims, not by Methodists or Mormons. Moreover, the higher the concentration of Muslims in a given society, the more likely that terrorist attacks will occur. In Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic which have strict immigration laws and few Muslims, there have been no major terror attacks. In Germany, Belgium, France, and England, which have liberal immigration laws and large Muslim populations, terror attacks have become an almost weekly occurrence. 
One of the primary ways to prevent terrorist attacks is to put a halt to Muslim immigration or else to curtail it sharply. But Europe’s governing class is committed to open borders. They’re also committed to the narrative that all cultures are created equal. So if Muslims are acting up, it can’t, by their reckoning, have anything to do with Islamic culture; it must be because of racial hatred or intolerance on the part of the natives. Like the security monitor in the LifeLock commercial, European authorities witness the invasion of their territory, but they don’t do anything to stop it. Indeed, many deny that terrorism has any connection to immigration.
Read the rest of Kilpatrick's column and then support Donald Trump's effort to protect our country.

In the 16th century the pope, Pius V, knew that Islam threatened the West. He wasn't calling for ecumenical dialogue to convince Ali Pasha not to murder Christians or chain them to his oars, enslave their daughters, wives and mothers in his harems, and make their children little Muslims. He didn't wag his fingers at the flock preaching about Islamophobia. 

He raised an army, the Holy League, under the banner of Our Lady and the Holy Cross, to fight the ongoing threat to Europe from the Ottoman Turks. They defeated the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto and saved the West. 

Pope St. Pius V knew that Islam was a religion of domination, founded in violence, that would be a continuing threat to Europe. With the help of heaven, especially the holy rosary, and a brave cohort of Catholic soldiers including Don Quizote's creator, Miguel Cervantes, Europe was saved.

But now 500 years later the the lies of ecumenism and indifferentism poison the modern world and make it blind. Islam isn't violent we're told. Ignore its call for a universal caliphate. Islam is a "religion of peace." 

And so, like the fools who saw the naked emperor and admired his non-existent golden threads, people refuse to believe their eyes. They join hands with the imams who open food banks and talk brotherhood while they preach jihad and support terrorism behind the backs of their stupid neighbors.

Chesterton knew the danger of Islam and wrote a book about it called The Flying Inn. His story illustrated exactly how stupid the politicians and social elites were as they coddled Islam and allowed it to invade England. The only ones resisting were a fiery red-headed Irishman and his innkeeper friend. What a prophet Chesterton was!

Get real! 

Let's recast a few of the recent terrorist attacks. Put the Westminster bridge attack on Memorial or Key Bridge in our nation's capitol. Set the Paris and Manchester theater attacks at the Kennedy Center and the Broadway district. Imagine the Madrid train bombing at Penn Station in New York City or in the London Tunnel or at Union Station in D.C. or at any subway system in a large U.S. city.

Islam grows terrorists. It is NOT a "religion of peace." Have you noticed that after an attack the Islamic community tends to be silent? It is only in nations where their are large communities of Muslims to hide and support the activists, that terrorism is rampant and growing.

Muslims are presently celebrating the month of Ramadan. In the first nine days of the feast about 600 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists in seventeen countries around the world. No Muslims were murdered by "Islamophobes" and no terrorist attacks have been committed by other religions. (Source)

Countries like Poland that restrict Muslim immigration have no major Islamic terror problem. It's time to take the steps described by Kilpatrick along with banning Islamic immigration. 


Richard Comerford said...

Ms. K:

Re: Me being a broken record - again
@ 630 AD the holy warriors of Islam burst out of the deserts of Arabia and overran the Persian, most of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) and large parts of the (now defunct) Western Roman Empires - murdering, raping and enslaving the Christians populations. By 732 AD the jihadists were in north Central France. However in a series of desperate battles out numbered Christian soldiers under heroic leaders defeated the holy warriors of Islam at Constantinople, Tours, Jerusalem, Malta, Lepanto, Vienna and Belgrade thus saving the remnants of Christendom.
In 1400-years neither Islam nor jihad has changed.
God bless
Richard W Comerford

MarianCatholic said...

Vaticumenism.(Vatican Ecumenism) "That they all may be one" Religious communism. Modern people including people posing as Catholics will tell you "I am not religious but I'm very spiritual". The devil and his hosts are very spiritual. All the God's are very spiritual and they are all unified in diversity. And stop criticising the "religion of peace". Vaticumenist priests think we all worship the same "god". Allah is God according to Vaticumenist peace loving bishops. Idiot faithless humans can be united with Belial but what has Jesus Christ to do with Belial. The Rainbow. Isn't it wonderful. "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist" Our Lady at La Salette 1846. Plain as the colours of the rainbow except to the blind and their blind leaders all heading for the pit.