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Friday, June 30, 2017

Reaping the Consequences of Political Correctness - Univ. of Missouri Scrambling

What do you mean my degree in gender studies is worthless?
That's a macro-aggression. I need a safe space and a teddy.
Mizzou Loses Applicants Thanks To Political Correctness, Forced To Rent Dorms For Football Games

Ya just gotta laugh! And rejoice that alumni have enough common sense left to cut off the dough to these crazy places.May all such schools experience the same. Hey, they can convert all those empty dorms into apartments for the illegals invading the country! The lobby lounge can be the prayer space for Muslim worship.

Personally, I think most colleges and universities will be collecting cobwebs as graduates with degrees or courses in feminist studies, black studies, gender studies, climate studies, queer musicology (USLA), etc. try to find jobs in the real world. "I went into $100,000 in debt for a degree and now all I can get a job doing is driving a truck, tending bar, or being a greeter at Wal-Mart?"

Think of an employer asking a prospective employee fresh from the ivory tower about his degree and hearing that his favorite course was The Phallus (Occidental). You can't make this stuff up. Satire is dead. It's been replaced by the insanity of the leftist loons!

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Steve Cherry said...

Now, wait a minute. Don'e disparage truck drivers, Mary Ann. You can make GOOD money driving a truck. My husband has said many times that he wished he had gotten into it long before he did.

Mary Fran