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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More on Congressional Shooting by Violent Democrat James Hodgkinson

Congressman Steve Scalise after shooting at baseball field
Left Wing violent Democrat James T. Hodgkinson attacks Congressional Republicans in #Alexandria & shoots four #congressionalshooting

What do you think...will the mainstream media report that Hodgkinson (who died from his wounds) was a far left Democrat, fan of Rachel Maddow and other left-wing extremists who wrote things on social media like "Trump is a traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy. It's time to destroy Trump and co." He apparently wasn't a great shot since he shot over 50 rounds using an assault rifle and handgun. Thank God, or the toll might have been higher with dead bodies instead of wounded ones.

I'm checking out the mainstream media to see how they are covering this. 

NBC News -- emphasized the Congressman, said almost nothing about the shooter and nothing about him being a far left Democrat. Now how do you suppose they would have covered this if it had been a right wing shooting while the Democrats practiced? Hmmm? Here's another account from NBC.

CBS Newsdid report that the shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter but they posed the situation this way: "A law enforcement source said based on an initial assessment it appears the suspect was increasingly frustrated over the political direction of the country, CBS." Uh...excuse my cynicism, but is this the background preparation for blaming the shooting on Trump? I can just hear Chris Matthews -- "Well...what can you expect when we have such a maniac in the White House." Watch for this shooting to be turned around and made Trump's fault by the liberals.

CNN was fairly accurate and included details about the social media comments and the fact that the shooter worked on Bernie Sanders' campaign. They never used the word Democrat however. 

shooter killed in Alexandria incident -- Let's pray
for the repose of his soul and for the recovery of
his victims. Lord Jesus, have mercy!
It hardly took five minutes before we started hearing calls for gun control. Radical pro-abort Terry McAuliffe, my governor (or should I imitate Democrats and say "not my governor?"), started banging the drum and stating that it's the governor's job to keep the community safe. Tell that to the almost 20,000 babies killed in Virginia every year. Let's see, that comes to almost 80,000 little Virginians murdered in the womb. And he's concerned about gun control? Give me a break! On the contrary, I think every mentally competent adult citizen should be trained in firearm use and safety. Guns save lives and this episode actually illustrates it. The Capitol Police saved the event from being a bloodbath --- with their guns. If they hadn't been there the only defensive weapons were baseball bats. If the Majority Whip hadn't been there neither would any defensive guns since the Capitol Police WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE!

Congressman Chris Collins calls for toning down the rhetoric.
If I were a Congressman or Congressional staffer present at today's shooting, I would immediately file for a concealed carry permit and keep a gun nearby. At least one New York Congressman, Chris Collins, agrees. 

We live in a violent society. Does anyone really believe those with evil intent follow gun laws? We don't know where the shooter got his guns. We do know that criminals get them easily. Law abiding people have a right to self-protection. Guns save lives. 

What I find baffling is that the same people who want gun control generally hate the police who they need to protect them. Just proves once again that we are living in a time of mass lunacy.

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Susan Matthiesen said...

I read one internet article which said, "Hodgkinson died while in police custody." That makes it sound as if the police beat him to death! Can you believe that?!