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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Michigan: Raw halal meat delivered to store in grocery cart

Here comes Islam. Welcome to sharia in the new America.

By law, meat should be first inspected by the USDA before it’s delivered to stores and sold to customers, however sources told Local 4 (Detroit) the meat hadn’t been inspected by the USDA and came from a facility that isn’t federally licensed. The gold delivery van is registered to the Al Nassr Halal Meat Market in Garden City, Michigan

The person who first shot photos of the meat delivery said it’s disgusting that federal and state food handling regulations are clearly being ignored.

Surely this is not the only halal market involved in the Detroit area or in the US.

Creeping Sharia article

YouTube video from Local 4 Detroit below

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Anonymous said...

The safest approach is to eat only pork.

Fr. D+