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Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Headlines and Action Items on Church Issues

1) The left is attacking Bishop Paprocki for upholding Catholic teaching on gender insanity. Don't just stand there, Catholics, do something to defend this courageous bishop!

Thank Bishop Thomas Paprocki who is being viciously attacked by the left for denying funerals to "married" gays.

After you sign the petition, why not send a direct message or call. Contact information for the diocese is here.  I just sent an email thanking the bishop and telling him I'm having a Mass said for him. I also signed the petition. Let's all offer a rosary today for this real shepherd! Sadly, we don't have that many.

2) On the Dubia and the pope's silence:

From the Manila Times: "Unless it is fine for the Catholic Church to have bishops taking contradictory positions on moral issues, there seems to be a need for papal clarification. Recently, the four Cardinals asked for a papal audience to discuss the dubia. There is no reported action yet on their request."

When Silence Isn't Golden: Pope's silence is a "bold denial of objective truth."

5) The Scandal of Fr. James Martin who tickles the ears of the gender-confused encouraging them (like Martin Luther did) to revel in their sin. May God have mercy on Fr. Martin and those who listen to him. Pray for all the unfaithful clergy who will answer, not only for themselves, but for those they scandalized. I'm having a mass said for unfaithful clergy who undermine the faith. May God have mercy on their souls for their betrayal of Jesus Christ. 


Anonymous said...

The bishop is well within his rights under canon law to deny ecclesiastical funeral rites to catholic married gay people.

The reason is they are manifestly public sinners.

But so too are re married catholic divorcees and those who have committed suicide . Maybe also include catholics who commit and promote abortion, unlike the other offences listed, an excommunicable offence.
If anybody deserves to be denied ecclesiastical burial rights it is excommunicated persons.

It may in fact be a mistake for the bishop to enact such a selective and targeted ecclesiastical penalty to one group who no doubt will make full publicity from it with great effect.

Anyway I can not sign the petition until I give the matter more serious and further reflection.

Ray Schneider said...

One has to wonder at the current delusional insanity in the world. You are clearly not what you think you are just because you think it. The asylums are full of people who think they are other than they are. If thinking made it so we'd have lots of Napoleons and Messiahs walking the streets claiming to prophecy and work miracles.

Exactly how is a little boy thinking he's a little girl different. For for that matter the obsession of a homosexual with unnatural sex acts. These are all examples of reality denial. And reality denial is what insanity is all about. I think I'm superman, watch me fly off this cliff ... Splat! Well that didn't work out so well.

Anonymous said...

From California,

I loved Ray Schneider's post. He hit the "nail right on the head", all the while keeping me laughing. We have to laugh about it sometimes, or it would be too depressing.

David said...

About vocations since March 2013, ask the following questions:

1. Has Mass attendance increased?

2. Have collections increased?

3. Have several "C and E Catholics" began to fulfill the Sunday obligation in record numbers? (I do have some experience with this, since I was a one hour per week Catholic for many years.)

4. Have men been running to the seminaries in droves? (Actually, one of my Catholic brothers joked that if another womyns March takes place like the one on January 21, 2017, many real men will commit to celibacy).

Mainstream media publications, as well as certain religious publications, fail to acknowledge that the answer to questions 1 through 4 since March 2013 is NO.