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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More Hate from the Kind and Tolerant Left

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in Central Park has been transformed into an assassination of Donald Trump spectacle! The depth of hate of these disgusting liberals should anger every patriotic American. Check out these examples beginning with the Trump murder scene.

And the flying nun should take a flying leap. Sally Field loves baby-killing Planned Parenthood and wants everyone to know it. She captioned a photo with a PP pin with, “Sick of hearing actors talk re politics? 2 bad I won’t stay silent while politicians attack our rights. Proud to #StandwithPP.” She's another Trump hater.

Rapper Snoop Dogg assassinated Trump in a music video.

Singer Jennifer Holliday cancelled her inauguration performance after death threats. 

The Stop Hate, Dump Trump campaign accuses Trump of bullying, but have you noticed that the left are always the ones bullying conservatives? They censor conservative speech with loud and sometimes violent protests on campus and at political town halls. How many conservatives have been refused free speech by these little fascists? But it's the simulated death threats against the president that are a real threat to our freedom. Julius Caesar's Trump assassination and Kathy Griffin's nauseating photo shoot simulating Trump's beheading should be prosecuted. They are simply beyond the pale!

The left is losing it because they didn't get the result they wanted from the election. And they are determined to overthrow the election results and get rid of Trump or prevent him from getting anything accomplished. They would have fit nicely into the mob storming the Bastille and screaming for heads to roll at the guillotine. They would have been equally comfortable murdering the Czar and his family during the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. It's mob rule, folks, and lovers of liberty need to push back. How? With prayer and counter-protests. Storm heaven with the rosary calling on Mary's legion of angels for protection and assistance against evil.


Anonymous said...

"And the flying nun should take a flying leap."

So very tragic, but that statement was hilarious!

I never missed an episode of that show.

How sad that something that, at the time, seemed good and innocent, was brought to us by people with such disordered lives.


David said...

Thanks for mentioning clergy and religious on television. I have seen a few older shows from the 70s, and story lines involving a priest on Adam-12 and Dragnet were quite positive, and I even saw an EMERGENCY! episode where Station 51 rescues a religious sister from a bus accident, and Roy prays The Memorarae with her at the request of the religious sister.

Today, when a priest is shown on a television show, you can guess the story line 99% of the time. There was an exception on one Law and Order SVU episode where Detective Caressi says, "My priest saved my is a shame that (the media only covers) the bad ones."