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Friday, June 2, 2017

Weird, Creepy, Laughable or All Three? Wacky Wobot!

As a celebration of the "Reformation" (also known as the Protestant Revolt), a German Church is offering "robot blessings." What's even weirder than the robot is the position of the person who had the idea who wants people to consider whether one even needs a real human being to give a blessing. (We can see Richard Dawkins borrowing this idea by having rocks and aliens bless people.)

Actually the Catholic Bishops in Germany may borrow this idea since their vocations are plummeting. I think the robot has more personality than Cardinals Kasper and Marx?

Read the article here.


MarianCatholic said...

The Montini New Order mass is a Protestant invention and is the abomination of desolation in the temple. The tabernacles are empty since 1965. Ecumenical blessings are also an abomination. Faithless "Catholics" can be united with Belial but Jesus Christ will not ever have anything in common with Belial. Is it possible to be blessed by God and the Devil at the same time? The rumbling of the angels in heaven impatient for vengeance grows louder. The Protestant mockery of the Catholic Confiteor is a mortal sin. Need I go on? Prods "fess up" to themselves the bruddas and sistas. Their degenerate founder Luther told them to sin boldly so as to experience the mercy of God just like pope Francistein does. There are over 20,000 Protestant "Jesus Christs" and there is seemingly one born every week at least.
Protestantism is the devil's favourite and most successful false religion. Hinduists, Buddhists, Islamists, Judaicists, Animists, and God knows how many other "ists" are not claiming Jesus Christ as their God. Only Protestants and Vatican Ecumenists have their own personal Jesus's. Wake up before it is too late. God is favouring us with long life. We are in "extra time" and he has been testing us since December 8th 1965. Initially the tests were baffling but now they are as easy as 1 plus 1. Millions of us are already in hell.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

If you are correct, Jesus really has left us orphaned, something he promised never to do.

MarianCatholic said...

No, we are not orphans because we still have our mother. Sister Lucia said that Our Lady promised that the power and efficacy of the Rosary would be increased during this Great Chastisement. Above all things we must hold onto the dogma of the faith which our enemies who occupy the Vatican thoroughly despise and want to keep under wraps.
Above all things we must keep the Catholic faith and that is true for popes and all people. Outside the Catholic Church there is no forgiveness of sin. In Ireland and many other Catholic countries people had to survive without priests. Our faith is in the sacrament of penance of Our Lord Jesus Christ not the New Order "sacrament" of reconciliation of Giovanni Montini. We did not only get a new "mass". We got seven new "sacraments". Is there any greater chastisement than the loss of the sacraments?
Our Lord foresaw all these things and he warned us about the reign of Antichrist which grows stronger every day. For that reason it is not necessary to have a priest for baptism. This sacrament without which salvation is impossible can be administered by even an atheist provided the intention is to do what the Church does. The intention of the Church is above all to remove original sin, not welcome someone into the community.
Saint Paul's "man of sin" has come and gone. Giovanni Montini. Who on this side of hell would invalidate the baptism of an infant? Who would remove Our Lord's sacrament of extreme unction?

Saint Joan of Arc said...

Jesus did promise He would never leave us, I would not doubt, even for minute, that He will NEVER leave us. He is the way, the TRUTH and the life. Amen

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I wonder, Marian Catholic, how you explain the modern Eucharistic miracles happening at the Novus Ordo masses you think are invalid.