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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Time Out for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful

I'm working on my quarterly newsletter and am writing an article about my garden. It got me thinking about the Blessed Mother. I'm sure she had a garden, a reminder of the Garden of Eden. She is the new Eve, after all, who leads us back to union with God through her Son, Jesus. We recover paradise through imitating her "Fiat." To do God's will was her delight. We will be truly blessed if we make His will our delight as well. Thank you Lord, for Mother Mary!

Madonna of the Blooming Garden by Maurice Denis 1870-1943


Anonymous said...

Her Immaculate Heart is her garden! That is why Marian consecration is so important-it's the New Eden where the Holy Trinity dwells in perfection.

MarianCatholic said...

Who is the Chief Priest of this garden you talk about? Does Saint Peter have any place in it? After all, Saint Peter is the Chief Priest of her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ whose priesthood is eternal - the same yesterday, today and forever.