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Monday, January 1, 2018

...and Muhammad is Lucifer's Prophet

Lucifer masquerading as "Gabriel"
appearing to Muhammad on Mt Hira
2 Corinthians 11:13-15
13 For such false apostles are deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder: for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great surprise if Satan's servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.

NIV - masquerades as an angel of light

CIB - Even Satan changes himself to look like an angel of light

YLT - and no wonder -- for even the Adversary doth transform himself into a messenger of light

All translations of 2 Cor 11:14 HERE

In 610 AD Muhammad retired with his family during the month of Ramadan to the
famous cave on Mount Hira, and there, after spending time in pious exercises and meditations, he announced the secret of his mission to his wife, Khadija, revealing that the Angel Gabriel had just appeared to him and had told him that he had been appointed the “Apostle of God”. However, who was Muhammad's “Archangel Gabriel”?

Apparently Muhammad's Angel Gabriel was a huge vision looming in the sky with its feet on the horizon who enveloped Muhammad in a terrifying embrace, strangling him so that he felt as if his breath was being forced from his body. It was not until the third time the “angel” strangled Muhammad, demanding he recite words, that he finally did so.

Alfred Guillaume’s 2002 translation of Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah – The Life of Muhammad, Oxford University Press, 1955, says of Muhammad’s encounter with Gabriel: “Gabriel came to me while I was asleep, with a coverlet of brocade whereupon was some writing, and said, ‘Read!’ I said, ‘What shall I read?’ He pressed me with the book so tightly that I thought it was death.” Three times Gabriel pressed the book down on Muhammad’s chest until Muhammad had no breath left. Finally, Muhammad said, “So I read it, and Gabriel departed from me.”

After Muhammad’s terrifying and violent encounter with the spirit in the cave, he believed that a jinn (genie or demon) possessed him. In addition, not only Muhammad himself suspected a demonic source of his revelations, but also many of his contemporaries believed his revelatory experiences were demonic and he was demon possessed: “Yet they run away from him and say: A man possessed!” (Sura 44:14; Yusuf Ali) and “What! Shall we give up our gods for the sake of a poet possessed?” (Sura 37:36; Yusuf Ali).

From that time the so-called revelations from Gabriel to Muhammad began to follow one after another in rapid succession. It is said that during the moments of these revelations with Gabriel it was a painful sight to behold the nervousness of Muhammad’s features, the distortion of his countenance and the anxiety of mind portrayed on his face. He would sometimes swoon and collapse to the ground, and even on the coldest day his forehead would be beaded with sweat. His epileptic fits, which had begun at the age of five, now greatly increased during his spiritual struggles on account of his mental excitement and nightly visions. In his Life and Religion of Mohammed: The Prophet of Arabia, Rev JL Menezes says that as a result, many scholars have become convinced that Muhammad was either epileptic, or demon possessed or both.

Refuting the whitewashed, peaceful Muhammad of politically correct myth, Joel Richardson in his Islamic Antichrist, published by WND Books, 2008, says, “When attempting to discern the primary spiritual source of Islam, it is essential to see not only the dark nature of the initial seed but even more so its ultimate vision for the future – its fully mature fruit – as the demonic anti-biblical revelations that began in the Cave of Hira find their culmination with the killing of every Jew, Christian, and other non-Muslim in the world.”

Muhammad’s terrifying encounter stands in stark contrast to the gentle nature of angelic and divine encounters found throughout the Bible where angels almost always begin conversation with man with the comforting phrase, “Do not be afraid,” as the genuine St. Gabriel the Archangel did when speaking to the Blessed Mother at the Annunciation.

Would God, Who is immutable, send St Gabriel the Archangel to the Blessed Mother to announce the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, then change His mind 600 years later, and resend Gabriel to earth to Muhammad as His supreme prophet to announce a new religion to supersede Christianity, thereby implying that Christ’s redeeming death on the Cross was no longer needed? The answer is a resounding no. God would not and did not rethink His salvation plan and resend Gabriel to Muhammad to declare that he (Muhammad) was to start a new religion because Christianity just was not working out as first designed at the foundation of the world.

If Muhammad’s “Gabriel” is not the real St Gabriel the Archangel, then who is he? Angels are real, and exist in the transcendent world of eternity. Satan is an angel, now categorized as a demon, with angelic powers and therefore can reveal himself to humans in various forms. Was Muhammad’s Gabriel then Satan in disguise? If Allah, Muhammad’s “Gabriel” and Satan are one and the same, a sort of unholy trinity of hate, then Allah is a fallen angel, Satan himself, who needs to be worshiped in all his attributes of hatred, killing, destruction and death.

Admittedly Islam mirrors the attributes of Satan since the outward fruits of Islam are love of killing and death, bloodshed, destruction, cruelty, stoning, stealing, violence, torture, hatred, beheading, murder, lying, constant jihad, subjugation, forced conversion, forced marriages, the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation, kidnapping, slavery, dhimmitude, and the spread of Islam by brute force.

Since Christ founded Christianity in order to populate Heaven, why would the devil not think that he also must have an opposite religion, not only to thwart God’s plan, but also to populate hell?

On a mountain Satan showed all the kingdoms of the world to Christ and said that they would be His if Christ would kneel down and worship him. Christ did not submit, so Satan withdrew until another day when, on another mountain, disguised as Gabriel, he offered Muhammad domination of all the kingdoms of the world through Islam if only he (Satan) would be worshiped as Allah. The terrified Muhammad submitted and in doing so was deceived by Satan. Remember that the Arabic translation for the world “Islam” is “submission”.


Chriss Rainey said...

This article and the one you previously posted are, I believe, the cold hard truth most of the world is too afraid or simply too chicken to express.

We have been under the influence of Freemasonry so long we don't even recognize that our indifference from one religion to another has literally blinded us to what was historically known by the popes who fostered and blessed the Crusades.

I have been reading two books which go hand in glove with the truth you are uncovering. The first is Strangers in a Strange Land by Archbishop Chaput and the second is The House of the Virgin Mary, the Miraculous Story of its Journey from Nazareth to a Hillside in Italy.

Reading this post today of yours is the most marvelous gift after reading these 2 books. Thank you.

Unknown said...

King Arthur questioned the Merlin..Merlin where does evil lurk? The Merlin replied..oh my king..its all around You! Best mostly where you least expect it! he points to his head.