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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mainstreaming Delusion

The following discussion comes from a homosexual news site which cannot be linked because it's basically pornography, however to make sure you know it's OK that I read this delusional rubbish, Sister Simone Campbell and her NETWORK cabal have their weekly updates emailed to me from this website along with other delusional news of the latest most up-to-date homosexual and transgender awe-inspiring world accomplishments.  

That being said, I was intrigued (appalled? disgusted? had my mind blown away by?) a homosexual millennial blogger on this news site who states that he's done with meaningless hookups thanks to millennial homosexual peers who have ruined them. Every time I've hooked up with someone, I'm left with a fuzzy feeling of discontent. Thoughts run through my mind that I've let my body be used. The danger of hooking up with someone is that you risk feeling awful afterwards.

Hookups can be "ruined"? Is that possible? So, what to do now? I breathlessly ask. Participate in meaningful homosexual hookups? Is there such a thing? A hookup is a hookup. How can it be ruined or even meaningful? Does he think if he tells himself that hookups can be meaningful he will eventually believe it? Or that other people will? That God will?

But yes, that's exactly what this man is looking for - hookups with meaning - because his millennial peers have turned sex into a dangerously casual activity and have therefore ruined hookup culture

The meaning of the word meaningful means FULL OF MEANING. He's looking for sodomite sex full of meaning, that is, meaningful sodomite hookups. The man is delusional and as we know this delusion is mainstreamed everyday by FakeMSM, schools, textbooks and universities and has been since the Sixties which is the reason same-sex "marriage" exists...and Caitlyn Jenner - the ultimate example of mainstreaming delusion promoted for our admiration on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

This millennial homosexual man wonders, Is meaningless sex with a stranger really a healthy way of coping with life's adversities? Of course not. Since when has sex with a stranger become healthy? He could pick up life threatening diseases or be strangled to death by a serial killer during or after sex. Instead he worries about hookups making him feel ever more lonely and blaming his loneliness on bad millennial homosexuals looking for meaningless hookups in contrast to himself who is a good millennial homosexual because he's searching for meaningful hookups, that is, HOOKUPS FULL OF MEANING. You know - a hookup with meaningful emotions between two strangers.

Mainstreaming transgenderism
in elementary schools
Isn't it delusional to think that a hookup is a healthy coping mechanism for getting over a hangover or a great way of feeling better when life gets lonely or getting over breakups? Yes, this is delusional and considered normal thought only if one is delusional and it's a delusion to think homosexuality is natural. Hence his problem. One cannot solve "lonely" by being a homosexual either by meaningful or meaningless hookups because hookups and all homosexual sex is lonely by definition since God is nowhere in sight.

This man further moralizes, Hookups are replacing intimacy with a quick shot of pleasure - one that is often inherently destructive. It might be all fun and games at the time but in the long run you're risking emotional damage and disconnection. There's also potential for physical damage. 
He then says that he no longer possesses the emotional equilibrium required to engage in meaningless sex with strangers. Sex, for me, is unsatisfying unless there are emotions tied to it. Well, sir, if you think sex is "all fun and games" to begin with, you should not expect lasting happiness. Hookups are fleeting one-time-only enterprises filled with emotional landmines.

In the article he said a lot of other delusional things but I'll spare you. Personally I'm confused as to why he actually wrote the hookup story although I suppose he was trying to unravel the mystery of his unhappiness.

I was long ago blocked from commenting on the above unmentioned site. Using an anonymous name and email I commented for two and a half weeks before the webmaster cut me off for being polite and merely stating Church teaching. That was because one confused young man and I got into a sincere discussion, however the webmaster, afraid that one of his young victims was possibly beginning to see the light, banned and blocked my IP address forever. That's how they control the debate - 100% their side, zero from the other side; 100% delusion, zero normalcy.

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Ray Schneider said...

Homosexuality is a disordered attraction which has been transformed into an obsession by exercising it. We live in a delusional age that encourages disordered, immoral, and frankly, evil behavior as an exercise in freedom. But true freedom is the freedom to do what you ought, not simply what you find appealing no matter how disordered. This sort of thing is infecting our society and will take us down if it continues to be encouraged.