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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Don't Eat That Sandwich....It's a Crime Against the Planet!

Really! Did you know that certain types of sandwiches cause global warming? After all, the scientists can't be wrong and some doing research at the University of Manchester say so. Well, no doubt every liberal in Congress will immediately dump the sandwiches and start eating sprouts wrapped in arugula (brought from home and carried in a reusable pouch). Oh, and by the way, what about the environmental impact of processing hops and corn to make alcohol? Really! When are they going to ban alcohol because of its global impact?

How many polar bears and babies seals die because of distilleries and breweries? Think Bill and Hillary and all their liberal cronies will give up their booze?
Every drink you take kills a baby seal!

Somehow, I doubt it. Not to mention that prohibition of alcohol has been tried.

But, hey, sandwich prohibition hasn't been, so the liberals will no doubt go for it, along with the ban on straws, plastic bags, and plastic utensils. Meanwhile, liberals continue to ignore the impact of birth control drugs in our water and babies' bodies in our landfills.

Insanity anyone?


Susan Matthiesen said...

The "life cycle" of a sandwich"? "Carbon footprint" of a sandwich? Note Professor Adisa Azapagic wants sell-by and use-by dates extended which would "save 2000 tons of sandwich waste per year". That right there would bring food to the brink of edible safety and many people would get sick from eating outdated food, even though the label would say it was still safe to eat.

I wonder if halal sandwiches meet with approval though since there's less "agricultural production in the processing of the ingredients." Just slaughter in the halal abattoir and drive the meat to the halal shop.

rohrbachs said...

Keep your ovaries off my ovaries, pilltakers.