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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Democrats Can't Blame This One on Trump and the Republicans!

Well the government's back up or will be imminently. The Democrat bullies couldn't withstand the heat. But they showed just how despicable they are with this latest shut down. They will do anything to get their liberal agenda through no matter how many Americans it hurts. It's time to shut down these folks. Work to elect government officials who care about the country. Schumer, Pelosi, Kaine, and their buddies in the Democrat party aren't among them. It's time to boot these hoodlums out of Congress!

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M.T. said...

I wish and pray that your desires which are also mine were to be a reality, but ..... they do want to keep power at all costs and don't care about anything else. The devil is in the middle and so many remain blind and deaf by not only following their lead but giving them all their support. Thanks for all you do for our country and our Church. May Our Blessed Mother continue to bless you.