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Sunday, January 21, 2018

In the Shadow of the Battle Between Life and Death, It is Good to Meditate on Hell

On Friday, the defenders of the most defenseless took to the streets of Washington to witness and give a voice to the babies. "Love Saves Lives!" was their theme and those who spoke illustrated it.

Yesterday, in contrast, the servants of hell in their vagina hats with their pro-abortion signs and their lewd messages took to the streets to champion the mortal sins of murder and lust.

The battle could not be more clearly drawn. On the one hand, smiling crowds carrying rosaries and preaching love marched; on the other hand, angry feminists demanded the impeachment of the president and the right to murder their children. The two marches couldn't be more graphic in their difference: the sons and daughters of Mary in the one march praying the rosay, the sons and daughters of Lady Macbeth on the other who called on the evil spirits to dry up her woman's heart.

Hell awaits those who destroy and champion the murder of the innocent. It is one of the four sins crying to heaven for vengeance. And those who refuse to repent will be like the man in the video below who returns to tell is friend that "There is a hell and I'm there." Pray for changed hearts. Hell is forever!


Fr. Neil Buchlein said...
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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Too many have lost the sense of reverence for the Holy Mass and for the church. They come into the presence of our Lord chatting and laughing and proceed to engage in loud conversations distracting those who are trying to prepare themselves. It is sad! I started wearing a chapel veil last summer after my annual Ignatian retreat by an FSSP priest, to remind myself that I'm entering the Holy of Holies, stepping from time into eternity. How I wish we had a TLM parish close by with a daily Latin Mass.

Fr. Neil Buchlein said...

Thankfully there are good Catholics who are recognizing that they are not hearing about the End Times, Sin and Hell. My parishioners hear about these themes quite often along with twhat is happening in our world. I believe that many bishops have told their priests not scare or offend their parishioners. The $$ coffers need to remain full. Although Pope Francis offended quite a few in Chile last week with his comment. The Church is more worried about it's status of wealth and power rather than the saving of souls. Yesterday a deacon in a church in PA donned a dog head mask as he proclaimed and preached since he is an Eagle's fan! We are in the Last Chapter. . .just don't know how many pages are in it!

Praypraypray said...

It’s very sad! Unfortunately, most of my siblings and their families like the vulgar march. I was just posting a note on the family Facebook page, last night. It caused a real stir and some definite outrage. They had been posting their pictures from the evil march, so I posted a pic with this quote from Britt Hume... “It’s the saddest thing in the world to watch thousands of women march for the right to kill their own children.” It’s so sad, because I’ve been attending the March for Life, but they’re proud to attend the evil, vulgar ‘women’s march’! My sister was livid and removed my post ASAP. I could cry over how they’ve almost all have completely lost their faith! I’ve been praying for my sister for 25+ years, but she’s gotten worse and now cheers on her own daughters & nieces & nephews for their marching in the ‘women’s march’ & posts on FB bragging about it all. Please, pray for the conversion of those who are involved in the culture of death,...for their conversion and repenting of their sins. I texted my sister that if she was really trying to help women rights, she should march in the pro-life March for Life.
Thank you for your post! God bless you for telling the truth.

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