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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Does Pope Francis Have No Shame?

Hmm...Let me think...which pro-abortion, gay-
activist  person should I honor next?

Another day, another scandal from the Vatican. (Sigh!)

When I think that the U.S. bishops have a policy denying honors to pro-abortionists, I wonder how long that can stand with such an example from the pope. He seems to hate traditional Catholics while he honors some of the most scandalous people on the planet: Emma Bonino, an Italian abortionist; pro-abort and gay marriage-hyping Hollywood celebrities; population control advocates Paul Ehrlich and John Bongaarts. Good grief! The list just goes on and on.

While abortion and population control champions make the honors list with the pope, pro-life Catholics, including cardinals and bishops who defend marriage and family, get the brass knuckles. Pope Francis has metaphorically scourged youth for loving the Tridentine Mass. He's condemned sins against Mother Earth. He's attacked his brothers in the magisterium who dare to ask for clarification calling them divisive. Asking for doctrinal clarification just proves one is rigid and Pharisaical and deserving of castigation! 

The pope calls a lot of people Pharisees, but not the hypocrites who hate the Church but proudly accept her honors. Generally, the condemned are those who embrace the teachings of Christ and strive to evangelize accordingly. They are parents who refuse to embrace their children's sins and admonish their behavior while continuing to love them unconditionally. They are pastors who care more about teaching their flocks the truth than worrying about walkouts during the homily. They are lay people who defend the unborn and assist their mothers with practical help. They are young people who kneel for Communion and  practice devotions like the rosary and offer spiritual bouquets. The pope has criticized them all while he happily embraces proud unrepentant public sinners who, under canon 915, should be denied Communion. I wonder how many souls will go to hell because they were encouraged in their sinful choices. 

Back in the 1970s I read the popular book, I'm Okay, You're Okay. It seems to me that we live in the I'm Okay, You're Okay pontificate (except for global warming deniers, traditionalists, those who embrace Catholic doctrine, etc.) Only one problem, we aren't okay. If we were, Christ would never have needed to become man and die for our salvation. Those who think they are okay are the self righteous who suffer from spiritual pride. The gospel talked about them today. (Mark 2: 13-17) Those of us who know we are NOT okay realize we are  the "sick" who need a doctor. And so confession is on my itinerary for this afternoon. The sick who want to get better enter that tiny "doctor's office" often. It's the surest way to spiritual health combined with frequent use of spiritual health super-food -- the Holy Eucharist.

Pray for the pope and listen to him when he speaks with the voice of Holy Mother Church. For the rest, recognize that he walks in the footsteps of the world like many of the religious leaders of Jesus' time (and many previous popes who lived less than edifying lives) and don't follow his example.


Susan Matthiesen said...

It is not the Catholic Church that recognizes Ploumen with this honor, but rather Pope Francis himself who recognizes her contribution to supporting his own personal leftist agenda. In other words, if the roles were reversed and he was a layman, he would be doing what she is doing - raising money and forming NGOs for the promotion of abortion and homosexuality. So basically he is awarding himself. She is his mirror image. The result is Francis subliminally saying: "I award me!"

(my own comment on 1P5 under a pseudonym)

TLM said...

What a total BLASPHEMY! This was a vindictive hurling of horse excrement to all the babies that have been ripped from wombs and all that will be ripped from wombs, to all the faithful who have been fighting for LIFE, to all the mothers that are in agony about their abortions, to all the SSA who are trying to live in chastity, and all those that are confused and looking for answers about their disordered sexuality, and most importantly at Jesus Christ Himself in His One True Church!! This woman is so well known that there is NO WAY that Bergoglio did not know what she was all about. I have never in my life seen nor heard such DIABOLICAL EVIL coming from a Vicar of Christ!! 'Lilianne' herself proclaimed that she was awarded this honor because of her 'dedication' to safe abortion for women world wide, and also for the human dignity and acceptance in the Church for homosexuals. There is a video clip that she actually says this. When will the Bishops dispose this man??!! HOW LONG OH LORD??!!

Ray Schneider said...

Pope Francis invalidates himself. He teaches heretical views that contradict the teachings of the Church and here honors someone who is complicit in supporting the intentional murder of the most innocent of children. He cannot be a valid pope. What are the procedures for deposing an invalid pope?

Catechist Kev said...

Thank you for this, Mary Ann.

Two thumbs up!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks Kevin, and two thumbs up to Michael Hichborn for his untiring efforts to turn over the rock and expose the creepy crawlies in the Church.

Gigi said...

Spiritual Exercises retreat priest told Cate privately to “pray for a new Pope.” Which we are doing every day!

Sam Sham said...

It appears increasingly likely that Parolin will campaign for and win what will be known as the papacy if Pope Benedict is still alive. You think Bergoglio is bad? Wait 'til you get a load of what our much smarter, much more politically savvy Secretary of State has in mind once he is unchained. Does anyone actually believe Bergoglio is Catholic let alone pope? You know, I mean other than his countless modernist, and usually gay, toadies.

TLM said...

Yes Sam, this is exactly what I am afraid of!!! I would say yes, pray for a new Pope, BUT....ALSO......pray for a real faithful Catholic Pope! Parolin would be just as much a disaster as Bergoglio is, maybe even more so!!

Justina said...

Yesterday, one of the intentions offered during Holy Mass was (I am quoting from memory, as closely as I can) to pray "For Francis, our pope, whose call to discipleship we have heard in today's Gospel." The thing was so oddly phrased it made it sound like we are called, in the Gospel, to become disciples of Pope Francis! And that is what it feels like. Jorge Bergoglio mentions Jesus Christ infrequently, and only when the purposes of Amoris Laetitia are served. We hear from Cardinals Parolin and Cupich (among others) that what is needed is an entirely new attitude--not the "mind of Christ" as called for in the New Testament, but the mind of Pope Francis! And if one has the temerity to ask what happens to be in this man's mind (for the garbled gab he offers up unchecked offers only self-contradictory clues) one is silenced with a vitriolic fury that puts any question if "mercy" immediately to rest. This is happening not only to the Dubia Cardinals themselves, but also to any ordinary Catholic everywhere.

And as for the "cafeteria Bergoglians" who pick and choose among the,pope's endless quotes and gestures, presenting only the ones that seem orthodox and salutary (I am talking mainly about good parish priests, here), they aren't doing anyone any good. This strategy isn't making the people in the pews trust the Holy Father; it is only making us distrust our own pastors and parishes. Whatever the Arian crisis was like, how could it have been worse than this?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Your comment is right on, Justina. I was listening to a talk by Bishop Schneider today and he compared our situation to the Arian heresy. It's getting more and more obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that we are in a big mess. Is it any wonder the world is when Church leaders seem to be working for the enemy?