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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Chuck Baldwin and Some Thoughts Looking Ahead at 2018

I like Chuck Baldwin and agree with a lot of his thinking, especially about both parties being war parties. His column, A Look Ahead at 2018 is great.

While I like much of what Donald Trump has done to defend the unborn, name good judges, and reduce our support for the United Nations, I also hate his war-mongering. We have turned the Middle East into one giant battlefield and Donald Trump is doing nothing to stabilize the situation there or reduce tensions. I have never felt closer to war since I was a child practicing air raid drills in the classroom.

We cannot be the world's policeman! I also agree with Baldwin's view that we need a new awakening spiritually in this country and he is totally on target when he says:
"Instead of trying to entertain and put diapers on Christian crybabies—as seems to be the focus in most churches today—pastors should focus on putting armor on Christian soldiers."
Right on! But most of our pastors just pass out the pacifiers with the collection basket. Don't offend anyone, don't rock the boat. You don't instill a spirit of martyrdom that way. 


Chriss Rainey said...

This is exactly the advice Archbishop Chaput recommends in his book, Strangers in a Strange Land. If we are not acting as the salt, the light, and the leaven then we are not doing our job.

Susan Matthiesen said...

I don't like Chuck Baldwin. Period. Or rather, exclamation point.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, that's clear but not too useful. What's your problem with him?

Susan Matthiesen said...

He hasn't a clue about Islam. He's also irritating to watch because he blinks his eyes all the time. Can't concentrate on his message since I'm counting blinks per minute. About 100 per minute last I counted and I'm sure I missed several. That's excessive.

fRED said...

I like Chuck Baldwin. Period. But no exclamation point. I voted for him when he ran for President under the banner of the Constitution Party. Wish we had more like him.