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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Clericalism is Alive and Well in Amchurch!

Does Fr. Martin follow the
Holy Spirit or the
Spirit of this world?
I'm always amused by accusations that orthodox Catholics who uphold the teachings of the Church are filled with fear, hatred, homophobia, anger, and are bullies, raging maniacs...well, you get the picture. James Martin, also known as "Father," a Jesuit sadly reflective of the state to which that order has fallen, recently had another talk cancelled. It was due to the "haters" who run nasty, evil, vilifying...well you get the picture... websites and blogs that (sniff, sniff) result in the "censorship" of "progressives" like the good Fr. Martin who is compassionate, kind, sweet, loving...well you get the picture, upholder of all things perverse.

At any rate, Fr. Martin says none of these Catholics have a right to speak. The laity who disagree with him are just deplorable nasties who should get the boot from anyone exercising clerical authority in the Church. Bishops and pastors should just ignore us as unkind bullies who are filled with hate. Perhaps excommunication is in order...or even reinstitution of the Inquisition with Fr. Martin in the role of Torquemada. Can you imagine the fun Fr. Martin would have as Grand Inquisitor? He could share the role with Fr. Rosica who already practiced trying to burn Vox at the stake (or at least sue him into silence).

The role of the laity in these clerics' opinions is to "pray, pay, and obey"....not Holy Mother Church, mind you, but their perverted ideas of progressive Catholicism which should wink at sodomy, lust, and the murder of the innocent. They long for the day when openly gay couples can "kiss" during Mass. It's amazing how their hearts bleed for the poor, although whether they actually have anything to do with the poor is questionable. Fr. Martin certainly doesn't have much time to bother with them while he's out pushing his book normalizing homosexual activity, getting awards from  gay groups condemned by the Church, opining about "gay saints." calling his opponents "Nazis," etc.

Clericalism remains alive and well in the Church. Some "princes of the Church" (and their minions like Fr. Martin and Fr. Rosica) take that title literally and expect the hoi polloi in the pews to remember their place as stupid sheep waiting patiently to be fleeced. Unfortunately for them, those days are over. Many laity are as well (or better) educated than they are and refuse to shut their mouths when Holy Mother Church is under attack from their Judas antics.

We need always to remember to respect the office of clerics even those who have forgotten it. They bring us the Mass and the absolution of our sins. Even bad priests have that power. But we are not required to embrace their evil ideas. In fact, to do so would be to risk our souls. If they want to totter on the brink over the abyss, it's their "choice," but wise Catholics need to "test the spirits" and see which of our clerics are more in line with the spirit of this world than the Holy Spirit. Our souls depend on it!


Carlos said...

We owe respect and obedience to our Bishops but more so to God Himself. Not all of us can tell the difference between false doctrine and Catholic doctrine but those of us who do must teach the others. Priests cannot be trusted any longer, we simply do not know who is bad, bad pretending to be good, or simply good. We know them by their fruits after a relatively long time. Since priests are no longer married to their parishes but they are shuffled and shuttled from parish to parish ... I have opted for not trusting anyone. I have seen enough. I do the best I can to feed good Catholic doctrine to the faithful around me. The likes of Fr Martin are not going to take me to Hell with them. They do harm - I can tell you horror stories that will make you run and slide under your bed - but this will not last forever. The Lord is near, the very conduct of these putrid sodomites in cassocks is a sign. They will be blasted by Our Lord's breath and there the gnashing of teeth shall follow. Pray for them that they repent while they still can because their punishment is coming and will not tarry.

Chriss Rainey said...

Even though I am hopeful about the current Bishop of Arlington, we are nevertheless going to severely curtail our donation to the annual Lenten appeal because the "programs" they promote and support are so mired with ecuminism and social justice they are barely recognizable as Catholic. The diocese keeps buying land for more parishes, but they expect them all to be built with more of our money which we can borrow only from the diocese at a hefty interest rate.

St. Veronica, a not so large parish, is carrying a 5 million dollar debt because the diocese projected it would build a large church and school. They built the school first while anticipating future population growth in the area which never happened. Land that had been slated for housing near the church has now all been bought by our CIA and houses workers doing "you don't want to know." Our parish will never grow insize because there are 2 other parishes nearby, St. Joseph and St. Timothy, both of which fill the needs of Catholics in driving distance.

In the meantime, St. Veronica is not allowed to do any other building, such as a rectory on site, or a gym for the school, because we have too much debt. In other words, we are saddled by debt the diocese insisted on, and prevented for years to come from being able to invest in what the parish truly needs.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank God you have a good pastor, Chriss. Buildings, after all, are just buildings, but a good pastor...what a blessing!

Veronica Copeland said...

The Church was built on the redemptive Sacrifice of Christ for the salvation of souls. Evil infiltrators, wolves in sheep’s clothing, like this creepy Jesuit priest, are decimating the flock. Why has he not been reprimanded, called to Rome to explain himself, and if refusing to recant his wicked, unCatholic teachings, then defrocked? I just don’t understand it. Allowing Martin to spread his lies and disgusting views abroad that are sending innocent, and perhaps naive or poorly-catechised people on the road to Hell (with Himself in the forefront) is an abomination. Where are the Cardinals and bishops, successors of the Apostles, who should be denouncing the heretical behaviour of this evil man?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You raise legitimate questions, Veronica. We live in the times Jesus talked about when he said good would be called evil and evil good. And that prophecy is seen in the Church as well as the world. Our Lady of Akita also talked about saying cardinals would be against cardinals. We need to cling to the faith and not let these appalling false shepherds lead us into discouragement and despair. I'm clinging to the Mass, Confession, my rosary, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and devotions and sacramentals.