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Monday, January 8, 2018

British Journalist Says "Paris Isn't Paris Anymore"

Are you going on a European vacation making the rounds to London, Paris and Rome? If so, think again about Paris. The last time I was in Paris it was PARIS with French language, French people, French food, French culture. But Paris isn't like that anymore. It's unsafe, filthy, dangerous and most people living there don't speak French.

My personal suggestion is this: don't go to Europe unless it's Poland, Hungary or Czechoslovakia - the three Eastern European countries not taking in migrants and as a result are therefore still safe. If you opt out of choosing Europe, go to Central or South America. Antigua, Guatemala and Quito, Ecuador are safe and economical with great food and friendly people. There are no terrorist attacks and no frightening mugging-type bracelet scams (shown in the video below). 

Be aware that Europe is changing into a third world continent. Do not assume that bringing unlimited numbers into Europe means that within a few years the migrants will be good Europeans contributing to European culture and civilization. It hasn't worked out that way. Watch the video (Language warning!) and be wise. (This video is by The Iconoclast. His YouTube channel is HERE.)

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Unknown said...

Having just returned from a weekend in Paris, and having lived there for a year 20 years ago, I agree that mass immigration has changed Paris for the worse, but it is still worth a visit and it is relatively safe in the most touristed districts. Places such as the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal where Our Lady visited and where the incorrupt body of Saint Catherine Laboure still lies, Sacre Coeur where there is permanent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Sainte Chapelle where the Crown of Thorns is kept, the Chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul, the four churches where one can attend the Tridentine Mass daily; Saint Nicholas du Chardonnay, the Centre Saint Paul, Notre Dame du Consolation and Saint Eugene.
Just make sure your hotel is in the city centre which is where all these places are located. And when you go, pray for France.