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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Europe is the First Continent Paying for its Own Colonization

Perhaps if Europe had not aborted all her children for the past 50 years there would not have been need for the Great Replacement.

Perhaps if Europe had stood by her Christian heritage, Islam now would not be replacing Christianity.

Perhaps if Europeans had not fallen for liberalism, the European continent would be filled with Christian soldiers of the Church Militant.

But since now it is what it is - liberal, Left and weak - if Europe is to survive in the future as Christian Europe she must stop living the foggy ideology of the Left and listen to what is called REALITY. The consequences of Leftist ideology have risen to dangerous results where, in order to survive, Europe must do one of two things: give up and submit to Islam or fight a war to save themselves from the invasion of their homelands. There is no other path.

 video below is by Renaud Camus, author, poet and founder of the National Council of European Resistance (CNRE).

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Donna said...

This is just what Father Paul Marx used to warn would be (one of) the consequences of abortion.