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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Praise God for Bishop Paprocki!

Recently I watched the film Becket, the story of St. Thomas a Becket, Chancellor of England later also made Archbishop of Canterbury by King Henry II (1133-1189).
Henry assumed that Thomas, his ally in debauchery, would continue to be "his man" (like Cardinal Wolsey would be later for Henry VIII) and make the Church subservient to the crown. Thomas, however, experienced a profound conversion upon ordination as bishop and, when he refused to put the king and his laws above God's law, he was murdered in his own cathedral at Canterbury by the king's henchmen. His story was later told by playwright John Anouilh (Becket is based on his work) and in a play in verse by poet T.S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral. 

Bishop Paprocki reminds me of St. Thomas. Like his predecessor, he puts the Church and her laws above the opinions of the world and the criticism of worldly priests like Fr. James Martin, a lobbyist for the gay lifestyle. Despite the barrage of criticism over his clear teaching, Bishop Paprocki has not backed down and, in fact, as this video illustrates, he is explaining and promulgating the truth about authentic Catholic life and marriage.

I hope you will join me in writing to the bishop to thank him. Courageous clergy are scarce. We need to affirm those who who take up the standard of Christ and carry it boldly on the battlefield of modernism. Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, intercede and be a channel of grace for this good bishop.

You can use an on-line form here or reach Bishop Paprocki at:

Catholic Pastoral Center
1615 West Washington St.
Springfield, Illinois 62702-4757

Phone: 217-698-8500
Fax: 217-698-0802

1 comment:

TLM said...

Yes, I watched this video on another site. Bishop Paprocki is as solid as a rock! God has blessed us with this wonderful shepherd!! I only wish he were the Bishop in the Chicago Archdiocese!!