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Monday, January 1, 2018

How the Liberal Media Suppresses the Truth!

Just holler "No! No! No!" and go to a commercial break.


 Gosh, why does that remind me of my pre-school grandchildren? And speaking of how the liberal media suppresses the truth, I hope you follow the Media Research Center (MRC). They have a great report on Media Bias 101. Reading it explains a lot and may change the way you watch and read the news -- with plenty of grains of salt at your fingertips.

 In their December Watchdog magazine MRC showed another strategy -- just ignore any good news if it doesn't advance your liberal agenda. Like a three-year-old just put your fingers in your ears and chant, "La-la-la, I can't hear you." That's what the liberal media has done about the growth in the economy since President Trump's election. Isn't it good news? Yes, and if we were talking about Bill Clinton or Barack Obama it would be getting banner headlines and the top story from the TV anchors. But, hey, this is the administration of the insane monster Donald Trump so we can't credit him with anything good.

Read the report. It shows how the media has moved farther and farther left over the years until conservatives in the news room are as scarce as snow at the equator. Sadly, most of those folks rarely hobnob with the deplorables in flyover country. They are too educated and brilliant to lower themselves. I wonder if Matt Lauer even knew the name of the helicopter pilot who flew him from his mansion in the Hamptons to his $20 million/year job in Manhattan. And these are the folks criticizing business owners. Go figure!

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