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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Update on the Papal Award to Abortion Extremist Lilianne Ploumen

I did a post the other day, Does Pope Francis Have No Shame? The following is an update on that post and the Vatican award. And it isn't encouraging, sad to say. But who can be surprised when people like Fr. Thomas Rosica and Fr. James Martin are part of the PR team?

From OnePeter5: When Can We Have a Vatican Run by Grownups?

Over the past few days, we’ve been covering a story that managed, despite outrage fatigue across the Catholic world, to still shock and upset the faithful. The story is documented here and here, so I won’t bog this post down in details. Suffice it to say that Lilianne Ploumen — a rabidly pro-abortion Dutch politician so dedicated to her cause that she raised $300 million in just six months for “family planning” and abortion services around the world — nevertheless received the Order of St. Gregory the Great award from the Vatican. This award has been described as “the preferred award to acknowledge an individual’s particular meritorious service to the Church.” Moreover, it is a papalaward, which of course at least infers that the pope approves of its bestowal (even though it appears its functional distribution goes through the Vatican Secretariat of State.) Read more here....


Lauraelaina said...

Don't get me started again. I promise to behave, but.....where is the Holy See...? This is Not Holy. NOT AT ALL. The things he is allowing Is the reason protestants spew anti Christ stuff at Catholics.

turkeyridge said...

With this outrage from the Vatican how can we expect our new Richmond ordinary to invoke Canon 915 against democrat senator Timothy Kaine, who sat in the first row at his installation?

chris griffin said...

The mass slaughter of prenatal children is the most horrific and vile perversion ever conjured into existence by our species. The number of lives killed by abortion has eclipsed every other unnatural cause of death in recorded history combined.
All five million unborn babies alive in America today can be killed tomorrow, legally and unstoppably, on the whim of their mothers.