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Thursday, January 25, 2018

How to Converse With Your Local Grocery Store Cashier While Checking Out

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Is it because trouble follows me everywhere or because I make trouble wherever I go? Is it because people are liberal and I am not, therefore when I speak they’re automatically offended? Maybe it’s because grocery store managers tell checkout cashiers to make friendly conversation with customers about the food they’re buying. I don’t know, but it all went terribly wrong tonight, not so much for me – I rather enjoyed the “conversation” – but for the cashier, whom I suppose was just trying to be friendly while making comments about my food.

Now I feel badly! Maybe he wasn’t bragging after all! Maybe he was just following orders: “Be friendly. Talk about the food customers are purchasing. If you like something they’re buying, tell them so. Tell them about your life and places you’ve been where you tasted food like the food they’re buying. Make their shopping experience here at our store memorable.”

And it was! Although it was supposed to be the other way around, with him making a memorable experience for me, not me making my shopping experience memorable for him. But he started it, so I just played the game.

I went in to buy one roll of tin foil but among a few other things picked up a bar of dark chocolate with marzipan. The young guy at the checkout held the chocolate bar in his hands looking at it then told me in a bragging way how good marzipan chocolate bars are because he’d had one when he was in Germany four years ago.

He simply could have said that he’d had a dark chocolate marzipan bar once and that it was good, and left it at that and the rest of the conversation never would have taken place. But no…he had to tell me WHERE he had it. “In Germany! Four years ago!” (I see this cashier there all the time. He’s a college kid who gives the impression that he knows more than the average shopper in his checkout line.)

So I merely asked if he had noticed a lot of Muslims when he was in Germany. He said he didn’t really notice because he “never looks at things in that way” and that Germany was wonderful and beautiful. He totally ignored the question. Therefore instead of mentioning people (Muslims) I decided to make the question less politically incorrect by using the name of the religion: “You know…ISLAM. Did you see a lot of indications of ISLAM in Germany when you were there four years ago?”

At that point he kept his eyes glued on the cash register and icily said, “I don’t know. That sort of thing doesn’t bother me.” By that time I was disgusted with him (after all, he mentioned Germany first), so I said in return, “I bet it would bother you if they were STABBING you.”

Along with the receipt he gave me a below zero cold stare and as I walked away with the groceries and the next person came up to his register I heard him say to her, “Some people!”

But I read about Islam. I write about Islam. Every day I’m at the computer reading Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, or Gates of Vienna with European reports of stabbings (over 3,500 stabbings in Germany in the first 10 months of 2017), rapes, honor killings, suicide bombings, threats of mass murder - all committed by Muslim migrants and never reported by the MSM. Yesterday I read a horrifying news article where a migrant had beaten then dragged an 87 year–old German woman on her face across cobblestone streets until her entire face - nose, lips, cheeks - was shredded beyond recognition and wonder in amazement how someone could go to Germany – even four years ago – and not see a thing. Nothing at all! Not one Muslim, nothing out of order, no Germans complaining. However, we don’t have to fly to Germany or Belgistan or Finland or Sweden or France to know that something isn’t quite right in the world with the sudden appearance of millions of Muslims in the West. Just go to Tennessee.

As a result of too many grocery store type situations I always ask myself why I do these things. Maybe the young guy will think about what was said if he ever hears a news story about a terrorist attack in Germany or honor killings or FGM or “culture enrichers” stabbing people over there every day. Maybe it will somehow help him to put two and two together.

On the other hand possibly I need to take etiquette lessons. Maybe carry a roll of masking tape in the car and put a piece over my mouth when I go anywhere. I can behave charitably and somewhat semi-graciously when a situation calls for it. Otherwise, aren’t we supposed to somehow “plant the seed” of truth in people’s lives? Maybe I should do it in a more kind manner, but how do we tell another person these things? Do we keep our mouths closed and carry knowledge silently within us so that others remain ignorant? (I repeat, I did not start the conversation.)

I suppose what I need to do is the next time in the grocery store I’ll get in his line and be a gracious person and if I don’t buy a chocolate marzipan bar, maybe he won’t mention Germany. 

The best ever super market check-out scene is from You've Got Mail.


turkeyridge said...

Humanly I hate sharing country with people like that. As a Christian I must pray for them!

Steve Cherry said...

I get into "conversations" like this with my daughters' "friends" on Facebook. And I am typically BLUNT. Angers my daughters who would much rather be "kind" and "nice" and not ruffling anyones feathers. Steve says I just like to argue, though he agrees with the blunt. It's just me. But, someone has to speak the truth to these young kids who have been brainwashed and don't want to hear anything contrary to their way of thinking.

It's Mary Fran, not Steve.

Unknown said...

Your story illustrates how much the younger generation in this country has been dumbed down by political correctness.

Praypraypray said...

Thank you for your excellent article! It’s good to know that there are others in the world who really care so much that they speak up when they should. Good for you! In season and out of season, you proclaim the truth! Saint Bernadette said, “My job is to inform, not to convince.” Thank you for getting the word/ the Truth our there, time and time again. May God richly bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Forget that.

Add these to your shopping list next time you go.

Hopefully they will be out of one or more items and you can collar the kids and ask him to special order them for you.

Tell him you remember him from the last time you were in and remembered he'd been over there. You might wistfully add "I wonder how long the J├Ąger Schnitzel mix will be available once the Muslims introduce dietary laws...?"

Elizabeth said...

With all due respect, I'd say that YOU started it by responding the way you did to the guy's innocuous statement of having been in Germany and had tried one of those candy bars. What in the heck does the Muslim population in Germany (that he may or may not have observed) have to do with the guy having tried a candy bar in Germany? Sounded to me like you were looking for either a fight or for someone who was going to agree with a hot button point you were attempting to make. Just sayin'.

Susan Matthiesen said...


1) As I said, he could have just said that he'd had a chocolate marzipan bar ONCE and that it was GOOD. The conversation would have ended there. He was the one to place his eating of it in a setting in Germany. If he had said that he'd had the candy bar in Colorado I might have asked if it was laced with marijuana. After all, what one says to another triggers creative thoughts unless the receiver is a liberal. Then those thoughts are lassoed and tied up to the progressive agenda so tightly that they have no room to breathe, much less relate to another more urgent topic having the same setting - in this case Germany.

2) The fact that he mentioned Germany and had been there segued (for me at least) the thought process from the candy bar to the current dangerous situation in Europe, especially Germany and Sweden, with the influx of millions of Islamists who have introduced their barbaric 7th century religion into European civilization. For the past 3 years Muslims have been murdering, slashing, raping, killing their way into Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, France and England, all countries who have lost their historical identity due to liberal feminist secular politics, the EU, the OIC and the Kalergi Plan.

3) Of course, since you cannot connect the dots, it seems to you that I was the one "trying to start a fight" however, I never started anything. I was placing my groceries on the counter when he emoted over the candy bar with his eyes misting over from the memory of that magical moment in "wonderful and beautiful" Germany. I asked a simple question since I know that things in Germany now are at a point where the country is ready to burst into flames.

4) Granted, the rapid influx of "culture enrichers" into Europe (because Europe needs children after 50 years of massive contraception and abortion have left it with no children to support its nations anymore) since 2015 - three years ago - was after the guy had eaten his candy bar there four years ago, but it would have been interesting to know if he had noticed anything prior to 2015. Trouble was happening even then. I wanted to know first hand from someone who had been there if they had noticed any hint of trouble back then.

5) He clearly understood what I was asking, but wearing his progressive blinkers (horse lingo) he dodged an honest answer. Therefore I dug deeper. It was at that moment he stood his liberal moral high ground so I merely innocently told him the truth. In Germany today, Muslims stabbing people is the new normal.

6) Sorry if my actions don't meet with your approval. Maybe I need that tape on my mouth after all. But my guess is that I'd rip it off and blurt out the same thing anyway.

Elizabeth said...


Of course I can "connect the dots" of what you were trying to espouse to the kid at the checkout. Sheesh, I'm not an idiot. I'm an informed, conservative Catholic woman. I was simply expressing my opinion that you started it, whether or not you want to own up to that.

The kid simply mentioned a country that the candy bar reminded him of. He probably is a Liberal or a completely uninformed kid but frankly, he's just trying to get through his day and trying to be respectful and friendly to the customers who come to his checkout line. If I were in line and heard someone spouting off like that at the unsuspecting kid at the cash register, even if everything you said is true (!), I'd feel the same way as I do just hearing about it here. Kind of inappropriate, but that's just me.

Susan Matthiesen said...


Calmly saying three sentences which no one else could hear is not "spouting off". If, as you say, you were in line, you would have had to have been standing beside me to hear anything. As it was there was a cart and 10 feet between me and the next person in line. I would have had to have been shouting for her to have heard anything.

When you go to the grocery store and encounter something similar you have the right to remain silent - saying nothing, just smiling, not upsetting the apple cart. Good for you.

Most of the time I do that too. But this time I did not.