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Saturday, October 5, 2019

And So It Begins: With a Pagan Ceremony in the Vatican Gardens!

Don't miss the naked statue of a pregnant woman. She resembles the fertility goddesses of pagan societies.

Interestingly, the statue of Venus of Willendorf (shown below) which is estimated to be from 30,000 B.C. was found in Austria. In view of the German/Austrian involvement in the synod it appears the German Church is going back to its roots.

If you have the stomach for it, you can watch the entire "ceremony" here.

Venus of Willendorf

Dogan fertility goddess.
These folks are kneeling around a blanket symbolizing the earth with all manner of "stuff" on it
from the Amazon regions. Does this look like Catholic worship?

And then they planted a tree. 

Really! You can't make this mumbo jumbo up. I can't decide whether Pope Francis is a devil or a clown. Maybe he's the evil clown from Halloween.

Read more at LifeSiteNews.


Susan Matthiesen said...

Straight out of the Jesuit playbook of 1966.

Anonymous said...

Decades ago in Camden Diocese we lived straight out of the Jesuit playbook.

We had Mother Earth parishes which was celebrated on Palm Sunday, gyrating Liturgical dancers for whom one Catholic man Leukemia refused to go to Mass because he,"... could see women in leotards in the local Jazzercise window at the shopping center."
We had pastors bringing in the likes of the sodomite abuser Fr Ken Roberts for whom the big parish Church was packed.....same pastor pushing Esperanza for canonization now.
We had the likes of Eileen George and her "miraculous" wine . We had Kathleen Werner who gave Fr Mitch Pacwa his first public start . She ran Medjugorje trips and bragged she put her kids through college with the business while pretending mystical rose scents that surrounded her own person.........rose sachet an rose gargle reported being used by her volunteers who worked at one time out of her garage opening donation mail for prayers in her "chapel" aka rec room.
We had circus themed Masses with burlap covering the altar, Jesus' Hands on the crucifix with helium balloons attached and stuffed animals at the end of every pew.
Secular looking nuns in tight blouses and skirts in the parochial schools,heterodox catechisms and sex ed. Priests saying home Masses with bagels and Trad looking and acting priests who bragged to rectory employees about their sodomite recreational activities.

Pagan Ceremony in the Vatican Gardens? What's new???

Anonymous said...

"And then they planted a tree."

Where is St. Boniface when you need him?

Mary Ann said...

The whole thing is a fraud. Maike Hickson had a great article on LifeSiteNews on September 9th titled Amazon Synod Working Document Earns Strong Criticism from Amazon Experts. The missionaries are debunking the evil thing. It’s really a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the picture.