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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday Meditation: Who Will Exorcise the Demons being Welcomed to Rome by the Synod from Hell?

St. Augustine and the Devil c.1471 by M. Pacher How many demons are flying 
around the synod hall whispering in the ears of their allies?
The news coming out of Rome and the "Synod Fathers" should alarm every Catholic on the planet!

From the opening pagan ceremony to the resolutions coming from a vocal minority demanding ordination of women deacons and indigenous married priests with little or no formation, the faithful are being inundated with a tsunami of heterodoxy and blasphemy! The picture out of Rome more and more resembles the one in the attic!

The demons are so bold one wonders how that can be. Where is the Holy Spirit?

I can only think we are seeing the consequences of the perversion of the priesthood and the corruption of the hierarchy.

Why are we having this synod in the first place? And why does it focus on a small population amongst a larger group that is being ignored, not to mention the many places on the globe where Christians are persecuted and murdered? And why was the African rainforest excluded? The imbalance is enough to give the whole Church vertigo.

Perhaps that's the point!

And the ceremonies and liturgies! It's enough to make one turn to The Exorcism of Emily Rose for relief.

I've been reading Cardinal Sarah's God or Nothing. His words on the liturgy and the priesthood offer choice food for reflection. Let me quote a few:
The foundation of the liturgy must remain the search for God....The Church is like the moon. She does not shine with her own light but reflects the light of Christ. Indeed, just as the moon without the sun is dark, opaque, and invisible, so too is the Church if she separates herself from Christ, true God and true man.
Isn't that exactly what the Amazon synod is doing -- separating the Church from Christ? It began with the Pachamama idol on the globe blanket at the opening ceremony surrounded by idol worshipers kneeling in adoration.

Her presence didn't stop there. She's  been featured in several ceremonies including along the Way of the Cross where she was carried  in a canoe. The procession also included a rainbow-colored fishing net. Read more and watch a video of the ceremony at Church Militant.

The idol has also invaded several churches in Rome with participants engaging in ceremonies in front of the tabernacle. According to the The Remnant, at one church, Santa Maria in Traspontina, the worshipers knelt around a bowl of dirt many with their backs to the tabernacle as they bowed down to the floor. Were they worshiping a literal Mother Dirt Earth? Similar blasphemies are occurring in other churches around Rome with shrines popping up to God knows who! How many churches in Rome will need exorcism and reconsecration after this blasphemous pagan event wraps up?

And then there's the poster of the indigenous woman nursing a pig.

On October 18th the National Catholic Register featured an interview between Vatican journalist Edward Pentin and Jane Porter, a British Catholic who did undergraduate work in the Amazon in 1968 and became involved unwittingly in pagan rituals that resulted in years of torment. I recommend you read the story. Dabbling with demons is no joke! This is what the Amazon synod is likely bringing to the entire church. Jane Porter tells a compelling and scary story

You cannot mix the truths of the faith with paganism. Cardinal Sarah goes on to say this about the liturgy:
Benedict XVI often recalled that the liturgy is not supposed to be a work of personal creativity. If we make the liturgy for ourselves, it moves away from the divine; it becomes a ridiculous, vulgar, boring theatrical game. We end up with liturgies that resemble variety shows, an amusing Sunday party at which to relax together after a week of work....Once that happens, the faithful go back home, after the celebration of the Eucharist, without having encountered God personally or having heard him in the inmost depths of the their heart.... Some Masses are so hectic that they are no different from a county fair.
Hmmm....sounds like he was talking about the synod doesn't it where "personal creativity" and "ridiculous, vulgar, boring theatrical" games are the rule of the day.

If the synod approves ordaining women as deacons and married men with little or no training as "priests" can you imagine the mix of the sacred and profane in the "Church with an "Amazon face?" Not only will the Eucharist be "hectic" with shaking rattles, drumming, and smoking feathers but it will likely introduce diabolical practices that summon demons to the altar rather than Christ. Even a "county fair" atmosphere would be preferable to that! Imagine the blasphemies. It makes me shudder!

And what will happen to the priesthood as the "Amazon face" is expanded to the "German face" or the "American face?" 

Is this the "new" face of the Church? God forbid!
Our priests and faithful need the Holy Face of the Church!
We already have priests acting more like "functionaries" and "presiders" than "other Christs." Cardinal Sarah expresses his concern in these words:
I wonder sometimes whether even we clerics are really living in the presence of God....Can we speak about the "Treason of the Intellectuals"? My reflection may seem severe, but I could mention many examples of priests who seem to forget that their life is centered solely on God. They devote only a little time to him during the day because they are swamped in what I would call the "heresy of activism".
How many priests do you know who are more committed to bringing about a worldly utopia than working for the reign of Christ the King? Too many I fear. Think of all the liberation theologians influencing the synod. And what happens to our priests affects the whole body. As Cardinal Sarah says:
Those who are the blood and the heart of the Church must pray or else they will dry up the whole body of the institution willed by Christ. This is why seminarians, priests, and bishops have no alternative but to maintain a personal relationship with God....God did not ask us to create personal projects but to transmit the faith. Men of God are conveyors, not interpreters; they are faithful messengers and stewards of the Christian mysteries, Much will be demanded of those who received much.
I hope Cardinal Sarah, who is participating in the Synod in his role as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, can help suppress what's happening at the synod, but he is certainly in the minority. I wonder how many demons are in that hall working the crowd through their soldiers masquerading as faithful sons of Christ!

To give you a feeling about the depth of evil at this synod watch this video from LifeSiteNews.

Pray and do penance for the synod from hell. Invoke the name of Jesus at which every name must bend in heaven, on the earth, and under the earth.

Most Holy Face of Jesus, be our guard against the wickedness invading the center of the Church.

Mary, Mother of Saviour, pray for us.


Aqua said...

Note: - Pachamama demon woman does not have a child in her womb. It is blood. They worship its monthly effusion. She is a bloodthirsty demon associated with child sacrifice.

The dirt you mention seems to have some pride of place in these demonic ceremonies. Why? It is transported from South America ancient temple sites where these child sacrifices took place in ancient days. The blood of martyrs that seeds the Vatican grounds, replaced with the blood of human sacrifice. Notice the care with which they carry. The love with which they form it around the tree in the Vatican.

Bloody Pachamama is transported into Catholic Holy sites on a litter carried by Bishops to the waiting man in white (some call Pope, Bishop of Rome); an honor due by Catholics to Christ’s chosen Monarch given instead to Satan’s Pachamama.

“A pagan ritual with Bergoglio in the Vatican”:

This is really bad.

Aqua said...

Addendum: I forgot to mention, ref the central focus of Pachamama with child sacrifice, Ford Foundation (Cecelia Richards ex PLanned Parenthood CEO member of its Board) whose primary goal is to spread abortion access throughout the globe, is prime money sponsor of this Amazon pagan gathering (some reprobates call it a Synod).

Susan Matthiesen said...

Actually she's breast feeding a PIG. One can see its cloven hooves in an enlargement.

Bergoglio is having the synod so he can change the Church into the image of the Jesuits of the past 70 years. The "face" of the African rain forest and all other areas of the world were not included because Liberation Theology is the domain of Central and South America - remember Nicaragua in the 1970s and the Jesuits who were in the Sandinista government.

This synod is a cloak for turning the Church into a vast resource for leftist Liberation Theology thought, Marxism, women priests, homosexuality, release of celibacy for priests, and ALL that ARRUPE, that "holy" Servant of God, promoted against the papacy, the Catholic Church, dogma, etc. He removed transcendence, replacing it with fighting - physical fighting of not only his priests but encouraging the laity to rebel as well...and many were killed. They fought against the enemy, which was anyone or any entity not on the Left.

Wake up people! There should not be one single book of Malachi Martin's "The Jesuits and the Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church" left on Amazon's website or any bookstore shelves anywhere in the world. They should have all been bought and read by Catholics questioning what is going on. Read. that. book. It will be crystal clear what is going on in Rome. No doubt about it.

If people do not stand up for their faith then the Pachamamas will start being brought into local parishes, replacing the Blessed Mother with Mother Earth. They'll be selling desiccated llama fetuses in the local Religious Articles Store like they do in South American markets for indigenous Mother Earth worship.

This is not Catholic, folks. This is pure evil.

TLM said...

Indeed it is PURE...EVIL!!! Michael Matt of the Remnant had a video on this 'Catacomb Pact' that took place (I believe today) in one of the Catacombs in the Vatican. Brazilian Bishops met in the catacombs of Rome on the Eve of the last day of Vat.11 signing a 'pact' to promote Liberation Theology in South America. They 'rededicated' their 'pact' again this morning in a ceremony in the exact Catacomb they met more than 50 years ago. There was some kind of an 'oath' that they all signed with their thumbs. (Bizarre and occult to the HILT!) They signed with some kind of 'red substance' that people were speculating to be blood, but it may have been something that 'resembled' blood. No one really knows for sure, until someone investigates, all that is online are the pictures. Regardless this entire Synod is over the top EVIL. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine we would be watching a horror show on display in the VATICAN!! You are correct.....probably watching the Exorcist would be a piece of cake at this point!! Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us!! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!! Jesus have Mercy on us!! Pray the Rosary EVERY SINGLE DAY!!