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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Juan Learns About the Pachamamas

It isn't too early to order Christmas gifts for your pastor. A Pachamama chasuble would make an exquisite gift for any Modernist priest immersed in Liberation Theology, especially if he's a Jesuit, because nothing says "Jesuit" like a wooden idol. This chasuble is ideal for every event since it's reversible. The other side is made from elegant rainbow colored cloth - so perfect for those pride parades in the spring.

Other news features Your Laugh For the Day: At captions can be  added to any video or their pre-made video templates can be used. These videos are not on YouTube so please click the link below to see what happens when Juan learns about the Pachamamas.


Anonymous said...

Juan is a communist liberation Theologists. These are the "catholics" who honor atheist Lenin a his tomb in Moscow cheered on by their pro commie George Borgoglio.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Didn't see anything about Juan at your link but I didn't spend much time there. All I could find is that he's a comedian. But, hey, if even the pope's cronies are laughing at the Synod that can't be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Maryann , I was jut being sarcastic a I am so nauseated with Borgoglio and his pushing of false idols for a communist globalist political system. Go back and take the time t read about Dreher's trip to Moscow.
Big nugget of info there.
Lenin's tomb with his chemically treated corpse is still on display BUT the visitors are mainly Latin South Americans . Marxist Liberation Theologists just like Francis.
The comments from the Russian Orthodox and Baptists are also of interest.
They at least knew they were being lied to but they were watched and went to the they see Christianity rapidly fading because our youth in our college and universities and our public elementary schools are brainwashing American children with politically correct communism......Scripture tells us God will allow us to believe a lie..........Born that way? Climate change anyone?

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Sometimes I'm a little dense. When I have a chance I'll look at Rod Dreher's article. I always find him interesting.