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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

More Priests Need to Fight Back....Like These Two Priests!

*QUICK HITS* Two Falsely Accused Priests Fight Back and Win!

After posting about Fr. Escalante yesterday I read the article above about the victory of two priests falsely accused. I hope Fr. Escalante pursues a civil lawsuit against the accuser and her parents as well as the diocese, not in a spirit of vindictiveness, but to protect others. When a liar's behavior is rewarded (The mom wanted to get rid of Fr. Escalante and now she has.), she is encouraged to use the same tactic in the future against another innocent person. To allow that is a grave problem.

As a long time pro-life activist and rescuer I'm aware of numerous occasions when pro-lifers were abused and assaulted, including some who were seriously injured. Abortion mill defenders often verbally attack and even physically attack those who are there to peacefully offer assistance to women considering abortion.

When other pro-lifers say we should forgive them and turn the other cheek, I say, "Yes, we should forgive them, but we also need to hold them accountable." Not to do so is to encourage them, not only to attack others, but escalate their violence. So if we are attacked we need to call the police and file charges. The same motivation that makes us defend the unborn babies made in the image and likeness of God requires that we defend ourselves as well. We should pray for our persecutors, but exercise tough love in making them face their criminal and abusive behavior.

Escalating violence against pro-lifers is happening everywhere. I've experienced violence personally during rescues, but that was years ago and it's much worse now. 

If it happens to me, I won't hesitate to film what's happening, call the police, bring criminal charges and sue for damages if applicable. Of course I'll pray for these deluded folks, but I'll also do everything possible to give them a reason to control their rage. Some have no doubt been involved in abortions and their guilt is overwhelming. When pro-lifers make them face it, well....rage is the result. Hopefully, that rage will be the thing that makes them face what they've done and begin to deal with it. Denial is the friend of the devil who wants everyone to go to hell. If he can keep them from facing their sin and repenting, he wins. 


Susan said...

Fr. Frank Phillips and Fr. Paul Kalchik come to mind. Both from the Archdiocese of Chicago under Cardinal Cupich. It would be such a beautiful service of justice for these men to be restored as active priests NOT in the Chicago area, but somewhere that they wouldn't have to worry about malfeasance from their Cardinal. I'm sure this is the case for many good, innocent, unjustly treated priests.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

So often the wicked bishops won't let them go.