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Monday, October 21, 2019

What kind of look is this?

Question: What kind of look is he giving the Indian? 
Answer: The look of acknowledgement.
Question: Acknowledgement of what?
Answer: Acknowledgement that he's looking at the New Christ who is now 
Man, the son of Pachamama - Mother Earth.
Question: What?! No way!
Answer: Yes...way. He's looking at the dethronement of God by putting man in God's place, 
and LOVING every moment of it.


Unknown said...

This is the most disgusting post I have ever seen on Pope Francis anywhere. How dare you make such completely unfounded accusations against the Holy Father. This blog is truly heretical.

Unknown said...

You say crude and obscene comments or ad hominem attacks are not allowed, but you allow crude and obscene posts with an ad hominem attack against the Vicar of Christ. Do you think the Blessed Mother would allow such vicious attacks against anyone, let alone the Holy Father? What has happened to you, Mary Ann Kreitzer?

Anna said...

Some MEN threw these disgusting idols into the Tiber! See Frs. Z and Goring. Every Blessing on them and their families!

JTLiuzza said...

It's the look of amusement: "you pathetic dupe."

He's using these people.

Susan Matthiesen said...

I think it's his inner psycho coming out.

MyronM said...

This is a sodom look. Seducer.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

We are all - each and every person - EnsouledBodies, EmbodiedSouls - our souls gifted and infused by a loving Father from conception and now forever. The eyes are the windows to the soul. The windows in the picture above are darkness, perhaps a vision of that hell that has been proclaimed to not exist. Guy McClung, Texas

Michael Dowd said...

Ah, the devil's work in the Church is out in the open. Act accordingly.

Kim said...

The look of a groomer prior to beginning the grooming process.

Anonymous said...

It's not as bad as the one he gives the Blessed Sacrement.

Anonymous said...

Google "Pope meets Amazonians," then click will see that this individual is an older man, he has a very long red feather that Francis has had to duck *under* to look him in the face.

I do not have a clue how to cut abd paste the image here. The same Indian elder is in other photos, you can see he is older, perhaps 40s or 50s, not exactly bait I don't think.

Due diligence...being impeccable with your word...not manipulating one image for your agenda. If you want to win hearts, I humbly suggest you lighten up.

Peace, out.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Hearts? Who said anything about hearts? If anything I'd like people to start using their MINDS and THINK with the BRAINS God gave us. That's what He gave us an INTELLECT for. The brain, with all its connectors and nerves and what not, is not supposed to just sit up there inside our skulls, resting and relaxing, waiting for us to take it into oblivion with a bottle of wine, or worse, having to read anything Francis writes. The brain has a use. So we need to use it.

Also, please stop using feathered headdresses as an excuse for everything. You want me to lighten up? What? Into a liberation theology Catholic like the South American Sandinista Catholics in the 1970s carrying rifles to kill people with? Into a Catholic with a mind so numbed that I cannot fathom the meaning of the First Commandment?

If you want my honest opinion of what "that look" is, here it is (and please use your happy voice when reading this, not your angry one): Francis knows full well what he is doing. And he LOVES it. He is doing exactly the same thing Arrupe did to the Jesuits - he ruined them. And Francis is doing likewise - ruining the Church. On purpose. For his leftist Marxist agenda. And he LOVES it. Francis says he is "renewing" the Church as if he thinks he's St Francis II or something and the Church will be a better, finer, more wonderful, caring institution than it ever was because it will be accompanying all people in their walk of life, even if their culture is uncivilized and they worship demonic idols and breastfeed pigs. And he LOVES it.

BTW - no one has said anything about the thousands of BIRDS KILLED to obtain all those colorful feathers in the zillions of headdresses in indigenous cultures. Isn't this Synod supposed to be about preserving the Amazon and everything in it? Liberals are all about preserving animals - they even want women to breast feed them - so what about the murdered birds mercilessly killed for their feathers?

Anyway, Francis, with full knowledge, is bringing paganism into the Church as an excuse to have women priests...since pagan religions center around women. Therefore "the look" is his twisted mind wickedly looking at an Indian (who is being used as a pawn, as are all the Indians present) who REPRESENTS the WAY that he (Francis) is using to wreak havoc in order to change the Church into something God never intended.

Francis looks at the man, in his feathered headdress and face paint, and KNOWS that his wicked agenda is being played out before the world...and he LOVES it. He loves the evil he is doing. He loves the destruction that he is doing. He loves the Left. He hates the right.

The Indian is not evil. He is a pawn. Francis is using the Indians for his own purposes. But he looks at the man and LOVES that all faithful Catholics are having fits of anger at what he is doing. And he LOVES LOVES LOVES it. He Loves the evil he is doing. Love of evil. That's what "the look" is.

So there. Use your mind and think about that.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Also, this is not the only time he has exhibited "this look". I saw it on his face one other time in a video of the Amazon Synod when he was among the people - looking at one of them - in one of the processions. I wanted to post it but have searched and searched YouTube and haven't yet seen it again.

Anonymous said...

Got it! We're supposed to listen to YOUR personal opinions instead of the personal opinions of people you don't agree with.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Your comment made me laugh, Anonymous. "We're supposed to listen to YOUR personal opinions instead of the personal opinions of [Susan who] you don't agree with."

Hey, you are free to go elsewhere to find "personal opinions" with which you agree.

Unknown said...

Susan’s hate for Pope Francis is causing her to become unhinged, She has made an outrageous accusation against Pope Francis based on a photograph. At no time in all of Pope Francis’ 80+ years has he been accused of acting inappropriately toward anyone. Even Ann Bernhardt, the queen of the haters, has not accused him of that. This is a lot more than just Susan’s opinion. This is calumny, and that is s mortal sin. For your info, Susan, calumny means “the making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander; a false and slanderous statement.“. Mary Ann, how you can stand by and allow this on your blog? You are complicit in this mortal sin.

“Objectively, a calumny is a mortal sin when it is calculated to do serious harm to the person so traduced. Just as in the instance of wrongful damage to person or estate, so the calumniator is bound to adequate reparation for the injury perpetrated by the blackening of another's good name. He is obliged (1) to retract his false statements, and that even though his own reputation may necessarily as a consequence suffer. (2) He must also make good whatever other losses have been sustained by the innocent party as a result of his libellous utterances, provided these same have been in some measure (in confuso) foreseen by him.”

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Anyone who doesn't hate what the pope is doing to the Church isn't paying attention. We would rather see the pope convert than go to hell. He is accountable for all this.

As for your claim. What exactly is the "outrageous accusation" Susan made? She asked a question. "What kind of look is that?" That may imply an accusation, but what you draw from the question is in YOUR head.

Someone in the comment section suggested it was a "grooming" look but there is nothing in what Susan said to imply she was suggesting anything other than a man using this synod and the indigenous people (as he has others) to undermine the faith.

As for Susan committing a "mortal sin" who are you to judge? Rash judgment is also a mortal sin when you rashly accuse others of committing them.

It seems to me that you may very well be the one who is "unhinged." Susan and I don't have the same style but we share the same values. We are both very concerned about the attack on the faith coming from the wolves inside the Church. The leader of the pack is Francis. I'm more inclined to agree with the comment above about him considering the man a dupe and a pawn. That's what's Marxists do. They use people as fellow travelers and useful dupes until they get what they want and then throw them under the bus. That's what's happening with the indigenous people in the Amazon. The most serious problems there are being completely ignored. And THAT is what I see in "the look." Maybe...just have a dirty mind.

Now, why don't you go troll someone else's blog. I'm not posting any more "Unknown" comments on this thread that sound like they come from you. Au revoir. But be careful of judging the state of other people's souls. That's the judgment Jesus warned against.