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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Vatican Laudato Si' propaganda poster of Amazonian woman breast feeding a beast

"Everything is connected"?
Not to my breasts, it isn't.
Well lasso that poster and and throw it down. Finally (this picture is suppressed on some search engines) managed to round it up and post it for those who may not 1) believe that it truly exists or 2) that I made it up. 

Let me interpret this for clear understanding: The breast feeding of beasts by indigenous women was suppressed by white man therefore must be reactivated.

George Neumayr's Facebook page  (Scroll down to the video on October 10)

Church Militant's article -


For those who 1) have not seen Francis' pagan ritual in the Vatican Gardens or 2) do not believe that Francis hosted a pagan ritual in the Vatican Gardens, here is this:


Tamsin said...

This is all so extremely frustrating. Do the "women priests" and religious attending the Synod agree with these posters and this characterization of woman as the lynchpin of a new cosmology in which the New Mary feeds all who come to her in need? Without question or complaint? Have these "women priests" really thought this through on behalf of all women? That we are our breastmilk? That our highest duty is to let down?

Who is the dumb beast in that picture? The woman, or the puppy, or the child if the child is female? The male calves go to be fattened and slaughtered; the female calves go to the milking house first.

Aqua said...

“Ecumenism” def: The Catholic Faith is conformed to all the various belief systems that exist in the world by first eliminating its own core beliefs.

We give up everything. They give up nothing. There is not one instance of another organized religion that moved one inch for the sake of “ecumenism” compromise.

We were given All Truth by God Himself. We have no need or authority to compromise on anything. Ecumenism is evil. Fidelity is holy.

Aqua said...

Just found out this is not a dog. This is a pig. And as part of pagan ritual sacrifice, they suckle the thing on human milk before slaughtering it for demons.

Well? Cardinal _____? What say you, now?