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Monday, October 28, 2019

Who Can You Trust in a Roman Collar? A Series on the Good, the Bad, and the Disappointing! Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller


On Saturday I wrote about a priest Church wrecker, Charlie Curran, who helped shape the disastrous rebellion among U.S. Catholics during the 20th century. Curran continues on the path of scandal and dissent even as, at 85, he approaches the finish line and his personal judgment. God help the poor proud and arrogant man! Please pray for his conversion.

Today, I'm going to present a man of faith with the soul of a child, exactly the kind of person Jesus called us to be,  Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

The video below is an interview with Raymond Arroyo that gives just a small idea of the kind of man the cardinal is: faith-filled, articulate, humble. Every word out of his mouth witnesses to his deep love of Christ and the Church. Note especially his comments about the synod and the men who threw Pachamama in the Tiber. He described the event in the Vatican garden calling it the "veneration" or "adoration," of the wooden "idols" and said it was "absolutely against the first commandment." He also reminded us that "Rome is not the center of the Church, Jesus Christ is!"

I cheered when I heard his opinion about those who threw Pachamama in the river:
"The great mistake was to bring the idols into the church, not to put them out, no?....To throw it out can be against human law, but to bring the idols into the church was a grave sin, was a crime against the divine law....and therefore is worse to bring those into the church not to take them out."
Watch the interview and see if you agree with me that Cardinal Müller has clean eyes and the humility of a child. Arroyo ends the interview by bringing up the pope's condescending comment on the flight back from Mozambique in September describing the cardinal this way:
“He has good intentions, he is a good man. The Pope likes him. But he is like a child.”
What did he think of that, Arroyo asked? The cardinal smiled and said, "It's good to be a child of God, (laughing a little) because if we do not become children of God we cannot enter heaven."

Cardinal Müller continues to be a great defender of the faith since being ousted by Francis as head of the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith in 2017.  At the time, Fr. James Martin, a Charlie Curran clone, had this to say about the cardinal getting the boot:
"This gives the pope the chance to finally place his own man in a very important spot,” said the Rev. James Martin, an editor at large for the Catholic magazine America and a consulter to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication. “For many admirers of Benedict, Cardinal Müller was the last link to Benedict’s way of doing things.
In the new improved Francis church it's the Marxist way or the highway!

If you haven't watch the film version of Cardinal Müller's Manifesto of Faith, don't delay any longer. We need to increase our faith in these difficult times and here's a man of God who can help us do it! Let's pray for him!

Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, intercede for him!


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

It is all well and good for these Faithful Cardinals and Bishops to give speeches and write letters but they amount to little because they let Francis remain in power and carry out his arrogant agenda of destroying the Faith.

They must man-up and accuse him of the crime of heresy and if he does not repent and publicly proclaim an act of Faith then he must be declared as having forfeited the Papcy and a new conclave must be called.

They must ACT. Speeches and letters are epicene. They must act like men and rid the Church of this miserable apostate.

So what if he is on TV chatting with Raymond Arroyo when the plain and simple truth is that he and those with the authority to do so refuse to ACT.

MyronM said...

The real (Greek) Catholic bishops in action:

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I hardly think and independent church founded in 2009 represents the "real Catholic bishops."

Kathleen1031 said...

I have not watched this yet but will. I am sure Cardinal Mueller is just as he presents, as you say, faithful to Jesus Christ and the faith. But Cardinals wear red for a reason, and they take vows for a reason. We are the laity, we have no power nor influence, we are relatively helpless, and have been for over six years while the church has been raped and distorted.
But he has power and influence, and so do the other Cardinals. They also have a mandate by God, an expectation they are to fulfill their vocations.

This is their time. This is the time they were born for. They need our encouragement to do what they are obligated to do, what will change everything, they must denounce Bergolio as a heretic and speak those words, that due to his public betrayal of Christ and the First Commandment, he has forfeited the papal office. Public expressions of faithfulness are not enough anymore. Our pope has removed Christ the King and put a Satanic demon on the throne.
We must get to be single-minded about this and demand our Cardinals and Bishops do what they are obligated to do. TODAY. Cardinal Mueller, please do this today.
God bless you and God save the church.

MyronM said...

Dear Mary Ann,

These clergymen from Lviv (Leopolis) act as Catholic bishops should do, so they are probably bishops - all that remains is to determine their apostolic succession.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What would you have him do? He has come out very clearly both condemning what happened at the synod and defending the men who threw Pachamama in the Tiber. It's clear from Mary's apparitions that the Cardinals in the magisterium are divided. Look at all the bad ones who participated in the Synod.

It's unclear whether the cardinals even have the power to depose a pope.

So if you were a cardinal of the church, how would you solve the problem? I confess it would have been a blessing to see a group of cardinals go into Santa Maria Transpontina with a camera crew to remove ALL the crap including the LGBTQ fishnet. That really would have been a St. Boniface moment.

But...we got the second best -- manly men doing the job!

rubyroad said...

Francis said "the POPE Likes him."

Unknown said...

Bergoglio said about Muller: The Pope likes him. I'm assuming he was talking about pope Benedict.

MyronM said...

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate was actually established on April 5, 2011, but is part of the one holy apostolic Catholic Church. The relation of this Patriarchate to the official Greek Catholic Church (in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic) being in union with Rome of today is the same as the SSPX brotherhoods towards the Vatican. They (BCP) reject modernism entirely and are therefore perceived by their native Greek Catholic church as dissidents.