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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Yes, I converted for this

I didn't gallop race horses for nothing. The absolute thrill of it all - how to control the animal so it doesn't control you. I still have a hat like that, tan chaps exactly like that, an exercise saddle like that, a whip like that, wore my hair like that and rode a horse just like that on a racetrack like that - only in Florida, not California. You think Francis scares me? Regretfully, I haven't been on a horse in years, but the challenge inflaming me now is a different race to be run. From an innate love of horses arose a life lived in desperation to be near them, with them, on them. And to love God arises a life seeking how best to worship Him, then desperate to be near Him, with Him. However, from that arises the duty to defend Him.

So, yes, I'm a convert. And, as much as we all wish there wasn't so darn much to fight against every. single. day. we. get. up and that we could just relax and enjoy being Catholic, the truth is that an easy life has never been the lifelong lot of Catholics. Not in the past, not now and certainly not in the future. So yes, I converted for this - "this" being all the horror going on in Rome at the moment - and I thank God for the daily training of years of thinking how to hold those reins and that bit just so, how to to maneuver that horse in and out of tight places, when to accelerate, when to pull back. These days I'm just riding a different pony. My computer.

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

What a blessing to have you as a partner in the race! The finish line is getting closer and how I look forward to the celebration at the end.