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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Be Catholic. Breastfeed a Pig.

Florida still has a few wild boars. Once I ran across a herd of them after picking up my youngest from piano practice. Sadly I did not know at the time that that was my chance to become more Catholic. My chance to be at one with mother earth. My chance to kill the mama boar for food, then breastfeed the baby pig. Who knew back then that it was the Catholic thing to do? That it was the way to put my Catholic Faith into practice. I was so ignorant back then. If only I had known. It was a missed chance. Sigh.

The photo on the right is the actual picture they put on the now infamous poster used for propaganda purposes and which is currently enshrined on a side altar at Santa Maria in Traspontina just down from the Vatican...the same church where two Catholic men took possession of five Pachamama idols then marched them past the Castel Sant'Angelo to the Ponte Sant'Angelo, lined them up and booted them into the Tiber River. Good job, guys!

So just to clear up the "What kind of animal is that?" debate - it is a pig. A baby wild boar. 

The source ID for the photo states: Native Guaja from Northeastern Brazil breastfeeding a wild pig.

Native Guajá from northeastern Brazil breastfeeding a wild pig . Source: Pisco Del Gaiso, Folha de São Paulo - Brazil, 1992. The authors have received permission from the copyright holders Pisco Del Gaiso, Folha de São Paulo - Brazil to reproduce the image in this publication.


guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Not to worry-no hell and no one going there. Use their rules against them. Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals:

4. "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."
5 "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

Regarding the dragon goddess idol dunkers, according to the Jorge Magisterium:

1. God made the pachamama drowners this way. Not only do they not sin by their thievery, racism and sacrilege, these were acts of virtue, and they were God’s will for these men. They can proceed without repenting, they can find more idols and tiber-ize them - and this is God's will for these men.

2. Who is anyone - including anyone in the homoarchy - to judge the dunkers?

3. There is no hell for these dunkers.

4. Everyone is going to heaevn forever-including the dunkers, those who defy the spirit of dialogue, those who steal sacred objects, those who film them doing these things, those who are religiously intolerant, racists, those with vexatious attitudes, those who refuse to rebuild the church, those who refuse to renew the church, those who escalate these acts, and all those in The Amazon region who breastfeed baby pigs or kill children they don’t like, don’t want, or who are challenged in any way eg by burying them alive as they cry and whimper.

The Jorge Magisterium demands that anyone in any of the categories in the list above be joyfully and fruitfully integrated into the daily life of the church community. See further discussions:


Joyful Fruitful Schismatics & Whatever Going To Heaven ... › 2019/09/13 › joyful-fruitful-schi...

Perhaps the Vatican Banl Peter’s Pence Funds can be used to replace the Tiber-ed idols?

Guy, Texas

Anonymous said...

Enough. I get it. Please remove horrid image already.

Anonymous said...

It's all about Global Warming and it has been around for quite awhile. Basically ever since Gorby was given offices in the Presidio for his "Green Cross" in exchange for the break up of the soviet union and
entrance into globalized Free Trade.Communism political agenda for shifting national wealth from country to country.