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Saturday, October 19, 2019

More on Garabandal: Mother Angelica's interview with Maria Saraco in June 1994

This brought back so many memories. I used to love to tune in to Mother Angelica Live every week. What a loss to the airwaves when she had her stroke. But even that loss was a gain since suffering brings so much grace. Let us resolve to offer all our sufferings in union with the Passion of Christ for our own personal conversion and the conversion of the world.

Mother Angelica, pray for us!


MyronM said...

Peña Sagra of the Paraclete

San Sebastian* de Garabandal, Cantabria, lies in the mountains of Peña Sagra, which translates as Holy Rock. The worldwide fame of the village began with the revelation of Saint Michael the Archangel to 4 girls on June 18, 1961. It was the 4th Sunday after Pentecost. The epistle to Romans 8: 18-23 was read that day at mass:
"Brothers: I think that this time's trouble cannot be compared with the future glory that will be revealed in us. Creation crave the revelation of God's sons with longing. Creation was subjected to insignificance not by his will, but for the one who surrendered it in the hope that even creation would be liberation from the slavery of contamination for the freedom of the glory of the sons of God. Because we know that all creation sighs and gives birth until now in pain. And not only it, but also ourselves who have the elements of the spirit, and we also sigh in our interior, awaiting the adoption of the sons of God, redemption of our body: in Christ Jesus our Lord. "
So the coming of the Blessed Virgin to Garabandal is connected with the revelation of the sons of God awaited by all creation. The plural begins with two: from the coming of the second Comforter, the Paraclete, it will be reasonable to speak of the Sons of God in the plural.
The Gospel was further read on this day according to Luke 5: 1-11:
"(........) Seeing this, Simon Peter fell to the knees of Jesus saying:" Come out from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man ". For the catch they had made was amazed at him and all who were with him. Also James and John, sons of Zebedee, who were Simon's companions. And Jesus said to Simon: «Do not be afraid. From now on you will fish people ». And they took the boats ashore and left everything and followed him. "
Jesus was followed by Simon Peter, or Rock (which the Savior chose as the foundation of his Church), and James and John. Saint James the Elder settled down for good in Santiago de Compostella (490 km west of Santander, the capital of Cantabria) and Saint John the Evangelist follows him to rest as the Holy Rock (Peña Sagra) in Garabandal. Beloved disciple of the Lord is a prefiguration of the Paraclete. Why? Because he took the Virgin Mary to himself - similarly to the Paraclete: he marries the Virgin Mother, the Holy Church and takes her to his home, i.e. they are a mystical marriage.

The Blessed Virgin appeared only on July 2 (1961) as Our Lady of the Scapular. The Scapular is a kind of protective garment: at the end of times the Virgin Mary will visit us and give the Church protection in the person of the second Comforter, the Paraclete.
...[to be continued]

MyronM said...

Saint Mary's first message, October 18, 1961 (Wednesday), addressed to the whole world on the feast of Luke the Evangelist:
"One has to make many sacrifices, make many penances, visit the Blessed Sacrament often. But first of all you have to be very good. If we don't do this, punishment will come. The cup is already filling. If we don't change, a great punishment will come. "
That day (October 18, 1961), the Gospel according to Luke was read in the mass, but I will show only selected verses - Luke 10: 1-9:
[James and John as two apostles come to Spain] .... «The harvest is great, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest that he would send laborers into his harvest. Go, here I send you as lambs among wolves. (...) tell them: God's Kingdom has come to you ».
This is a portent of the harvest described in the Book of Revelation: the harvested wheat grain will find its rest in the Kingdom of God on earth.

A year later, on the feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin, October 11, 1962, the Second Vatican Council began.

The apparitions of the Virgin at Garabandal lasted until January 1963, then the girls experienced locutions, until January 1965, when the Blessed Virgin appeared to Maria "Conchita" Concepción González. She expressed regret at disregarding her call for improvement (I message, October 18, 1961) and announced the last message. It was delivered by Saint Michael the Archangel on behalf of the Divine Mother on June 18, 1965. It was Friday in the octave of Corpus Christi and the memory of Saint Ephrem the Syrian, Doctor of the Church.
Second Message of the Virgin Mary for the world (during the Second Vatican Council):
"Because My Message of October 18 [1961] was not completed and sufficiently understood, I would like to say that this message is the last. The cup had filled before, now it is spilling out. Many priests, bishops and cardinals follow the path of condemnation and involve many souls. The Eucharist is becoming less and less important. You must avoid the wrath of Good God over you. I will forgive you if you sincerely ask Him for forgiveness. I, your Mother, through Saint Michael, want to tell you to improve. You are going through the last warnings. I love you very much and I do not want your condemnation. Ask us sincerely and we will hear you. You should devote yourself more. Consider the Passion of Jesus. "

The Mass read that day (June 18, 1965) the epistle of Saint Paul 2Tm 4: 1-8:
"Beloved: I enchant you before God and before Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead, through His coming and through His Kingdom - proclaim science, insist in time or not, convince, ask, discipline with all patience and science. Because the time will come that they will not tolerate healthy science, but according to their desires they will gather teachers and who are hungry for what tickles the ear, will turn their hearing away from the truth and turn to fairy tales.
But you watch, endure all hardships, watch over the duty of the Gospel preacher, fulfill your ministry. [... ...]. "
...[to be continued]

MyronM said...

This call of Saint Paul refers to a certain preacher of the Gospel in the times of widespread spiritual and intellectual confusion before the coming of God's Kingdom.
As a Gospel, they were read in churches Matt 5: 13-19:
"At that time: Jesus said to his disciples:" You are the salt of the earth. And if the salt weathers, what will it salt? It is useless for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled down by people. [Vatican II is the work of weathered salt bishops] You are the light of the world. The city above cannot hide. Nor do they light a candle and put it under a candle, but on a candlestick, that it may shine to all who are in the house [reference to the Fire that the Lord Jesus wants to throw on the ground]. ... .... Who would then break one of these least commandments and teach people this way, will be called the smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven. And whoever would do and teach will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven "." [Another reference to the Kingdom of God]

Do the patrons of these two days on which the Blessed Virgin gave two messages have something in common? Absolutely, they both praised the Divine Mother on an unprecedented scale: Saint Luke the Evangelist painted her images, and Saint Efrem wrote hundreds of hymns in her honor. Because of this, the first of them became famous as Icono-writer and the second as a Hymno-writer. In addition, Saint Ephrem was called the Harp of the Holy Spirit and by the same title is part of a series of saints announcing the person of the Paraclete.
On December 8, 1965, the last session of the Second Vatican Council was closed and the methodical dismantling of the Church, sanctioned by the Holy See, began.
From the content of other revelations and locutions experienced by these four Spanish girls, it follows that God's providence, in order to arouse a wave of conversions in the world, provides for a universal warning (learning one's conscience), and a year later a great Miracle and - depending on the effects - an appropriate punishment on a global scale. Based on the testimonies of girls, it is speculated that the Miracle will happen on Thursday in memory of Saint Hermenegild on April 13 - the closest coincidence of these conditions will occur on April 13, 2023 in White Week.
* Saint Sebastian the Martyr died twice: figuratively referring to the death and resurrection of the prodigal son [Luke 15, 32], which indirectly indicates the provenance of the Paraclete.

Anna said...

Malachi Martin believed, St. JPII believed also in these apparitions. But they haven't been approved by the local Ordinary. I like many are dangling and twisting in these terrible times. Repent and frequent the Sacraments, and "pray as though everything depends on you, but trust as though everything depends on God. Beg mercy for our ignorance.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

Thank you so much for today's and yesterday's posts! I had never heard of Garabandal. I watched all 14 portions once I saw the first you posted yesterday. Many questions just whirling around in my mind that I haven't yet had the time to form.

When they speak of the year[s] and, "What problems in the Church? Who knew of...?", sadly, so many were aware but were not being heard. My Mother was touched by an elderly [perhaps senile perhaps just a predator] Priest. They had recently moved to a different city, and she had gone to the Rectory of the nearest Church to register our family [my age was between newborn and 4]. The secretary told my Mom to go in to see the Pastor, and he would register her. When she went into the office, the Monsignor asked her to come around beside him to complete the registration. She did, and he grabbed her ladies' area. She said she was sick, but was aware enough to get out that second...which she did [by the way, my Mom didn't drive, so she had walked to the Church which was about a mile from our home]. My Mom said she couldn't tell my Dad at the time because she felt it may cause him to stop attending Mass. She said he had within the last month become interested in not missing Mass and in being an example...confession, weekly Mass, his children. She was devastated and didn't know where to turn. She kept quiet but was carrying this burden around with her. Once my brothers and sisters [and eventually I] were enrolled in the school, she was adamant about NOT EVER BEING ALONE WITH ANY PRIEST, ESPECIALLY, THE MONSIGNOR. And we were warned to never even come close to the Monsignor except when kneeling for Holy Communion reception. When she told us of this assault, we were all much older [perhaps 30s]. She had learned as part of the Altar and Rosary Society from a woman who worked at the Chancery that no matter how many complaints were issued [many even by parents of girls] that the Chancery/Bishop had no plans of looking into the complaints...all basically fell on deaf ears. The Monsignor would be protected no matter what. Eventually, while I was attending, the Monsignor became too weak to continue as Pastor and was replaced. I believe some of the young girls who came forward after 2002 were given some sort of settlement. Very sad, and what is more, when I went to the diocese page on this the numbers of Priests were quite a few. As I scanned, many were homosexual predators. May God bless you and your beautiful family! And thank you, again. [please do not feel you have to post this...that is up to you. I do thank you for listening!]

JMJT said...

Years ago I watched video clips of some films of the children bending their head and torso way backward to receive materialized communion wafers from thin air onto the tongue and also films of them running backward when they were inspired to do so to get to the place where a vision would be.
The whole thing looked sooo demonic, and had a 'feel' similar to the 1980's to present day

Anonymous said...

Years ago I saw a video of film clips of the children receiving communion wafers that had materialized in thin air on the tongue as they bent way backward. They also ran backwards when they had an inspiration to go to a site for a vision.
The whole thing had a demonic feel, similar to the present day Medj. apparitions.

DJR said...

"Years ago I saw a video of film clips of the children receiving communion wafers that had materialized in thin air on the tongue as they bent way backward. They also ran backwards when they had an inspiration to go to a site for a vision.
The whole thing had a demonic feel, similar to the present day Medj. apparitions."

The same type of thing took place at Kibeho, Rwanda, which is approved by the Church.

Also, read the accounts of Banneux and Beauraing and Pontmain, all approved.

Same type of stuff.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think Garaabandal is likely authentic and it has never been condemned. The local bishop said he found nothing supernatural, although I'm not sure how one dismisses the host appearing on Conchita's tongue.

Authorities stated that nothing from the apparitions conflicts with faith or morals. No one has to believe it, but with the passage of time, the messages seem prophetic to me. It's encouraging the same thing as other apparitions -- prayer and sacrifice. One can't go wrong following that advice!