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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Meditation: Atone for the Scandal of the Pope of "Sustainable Development"

Where was Our Lady of Aparecida?
"Sustainable development" is the buzz phrase used by Marxist socialists to bring in the one world Masonic order.

Read that sentence again!

Sustainable development is used to advance abortion, contraception, population control and tyranny over people (for their own good, of course)! Many of the Catholic charities are already knee deep in these moral evils!

And now... consider how the Vatican has become the #1 cheerleader for sustainable development and integral ecology partnering with the very worst of the secular world's leaders and spokesmen.

One world government is what the Amazon Synod is all about. It is Marxist and Masonic to the core. Michael Hichborn at the Lepanto Institute was talking about it the other night to the inner circle group of the Lepanto Institute. It's well worth watching!

There are also a number of articles on the website about the link between sustainable development and Communism.

In fact, much of the language of the Amazon Synod is straight out of the Communist playbook which recommended using the United Nations to advance the new world order (under Communism of course). They are training teachers to brainwash children.  Every totalitarian regime targets the children because the youth are the future. And, sad to say, the pope and many in the hierarchy are partnering with evil and doing a very effective job of perverting the faith!

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Where was Ecuador's
Our Lady of Good Success?
 So when you hear the phrase, sustainable development, bandied about, realize that the Amazon Synod was never really about women deacons or married priests. Its goal is much, much bigger. The synod is all about building a religion that worships "Mother Earth," replacing worship of Christ the King with worship of the Lord of the Flies. Jesus Christ and Mother Mary were completely invisible at the "shamAzon" synod as Michael Matt called it?

Bringing this false God into the Vatican as a wooden carving of Mother Earth, Pachamama, is an abomination.  Where was the invocation to Our Lady of Guadalupe at the synod? She is the patroness of all the Americans. Why did the synod fathers not say one word about her (or Jesus Christ)? Instead of statues of Mary being carried in procession under her various South American titles, the statue of Pachamama was the honored symbol blessed in the polluted garden at the Vatican and carried during the Way of the Cross. What an insult to Our Lady, Mother of the Church and Queen of the Universe.

Mother Earth was enshrined in Rome's churches right in front of Christ in the tabernacle and people bowed down (and offered their pinch of incense?) to the goddess. What a blasphemy!

We've seen many evils throughout history but when have we ever seen worship of Christ and honor of Mary replaced in the very heart of the Church by the lying serpent and worship of Mother Earth? I think we are seeing the fulfillment of the prophecy of Matthew 24:
“So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand—then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.”
The pope and the bishops are bringing the feathered serpent into the Church usurping the throne of Christ the King.
Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god
They are replacing Mary, Mother of God, with Pachamama, Mother Earth. Michael Matt gets it and he's helping us to get it as well. Watch the video below and make atonement to Our Lady by praying the rosary and making the Five First Saturdays. If you've never made the First Saturdays begin on November 2nd. The hour is late, but the grace of God is there for the asking.
And use the hashtag below to unite with the courageous Churchmen who threw the symbol of Mother Earth into the Tiber. Next time may they throw her in a wood chipper so she can't be fished out.


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