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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Want to Support a Catholic Organization that Makes a Difference?

Join me in becoming a monthly supporting member to the Lepanto Institute. Here's Mike Hichborn's latest missive about victories in the war for the faith. If you want to be a soldier in the Church Militant you can't go wrong contributing to Lepanto.

Our Lady, Queen of the Rosary, pray for us!

Congratulations! These are YOUR victories!!!
When we report and you respond, GREAT things happen!
The Lepanto Institute exists for one single purpose; the restoration of all things in Christ!  As an organization, we focus all of our efforts and attention on exposing egregious errors being committed within the halls of Holy Mother Church, hoping to set things right.  But producing and publishing reports is not enough!  The faithful have to make their voices heard by speaking Truth to power.

And you have made your voices heard!

And because of that, TWICE in the last week, your calls have secured significant changes!

You may recall that in July we reported on several organizations who paid for advertising in the heretical Association of United States Catholic Priests (AUSCP)’s annual assembly program book.  In case you don’t recall, here is the link to the article. And as a reminder, the AUSCP actively promotes homosexuality, women’s ordination, priestless parishes and other things alien to Catholic teaching.  In this report, we pointed out that one organization, which we had been endorsing as “safe,” was Cross Catholic Outreach.

When I spoke on the phone with Jim Cavnar, the president of Cross Catholic, I pleaded with him to end any relationship between his organization and the AUSCP.  He wouldn’t listen to me.

But he DID listen to you!

Since that conversation, MANY of you contacted Cross Catholic to stop your donations because of its tabling at AUSCP events.  The result?  This email from Sandi Pino, Cross Catholic’s Senior Director of the Parish & Community Services Dept., says it all:

“Thank you for your interest in Cross Catholic Outreach.  As I explained in my conversation with T…. earlier today, Cross Catholic Outreach will no longer be sponsoring a table at the AUSCP Conference.  I’ve been in communication with Jim Cavnar and share my decision, as Cross Catholic’s Sr. Director of the Parish & Community Services Dept., to refrain from sponsoring a table at the conference in future years.  Our attendance at the conference was for the purpose of recruiting priests for our speakers bureau, but we do not support any doctrinal disagreements that may be endorsed by individual members of any organization, including the AUSCP.”

Make no mistake about it … this change came about because when we published our report, YOU made the calls!

Major developments like this are only possible with your help! 

That’s why I’m asking you to help us with a gift right now of $35, 50, or $100 – today.

When we report, and you respond, great things happen!
So if you are in a position to give more, please consider a heartfelt $500 or even a $5,000 gift straight away.
But the change at Cross Catholic isn’t the only thing you helped make happen!
Also last week, the Catholic Conference of Kenya formally retracted the letter that was sent out in their name, and without their express permission, that promoted condoms.
After we reported how an employee (who is on the board of two VERY pro-condom organizations) sent out a letter in the name of the bishops of Kenya, promoting condoms, our readers in Kenya cried foul! I keep saying this, but it is the truth … when we report, and you make your voices heard, great things happen!  You can read about the KCCB’s correction, here.
The proof is in the results!  The vital work we do is only possible with your help!
And the truth is, if everyone who reads this e-mail gave $100 right now, Lepanto would be able to double its research and operate for the next FIVE YEARS without having to ask another dime.

So, can you help us with a $500, $100 -- or even a $55 or $35 gift straight away?
If sending us a check would be easier, please send it to:

Lepanto Institute
PO Box 269
Partlow, VA 22534
Every bit of help you can give to Lepanto today will yield more victories like these, and help to do what we all are looking for … the restoration of all things in Christ! 

Christus Vincit!

Michael Hichborn

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